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January 1 · Issue #126 · View online

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A diet/cleanse/juice fast/eating plan won’t fix that.
Chances are, it will make things worse because most popularly marketed ‘health’ products are disordered eating you have the privilege of paying for.
I don’t diet. Not ever. But, I do speak to people who do or are always trying to get their eating under control. More than the particulars of any one situation, what I invariably notice is a disordered approach to food.
Broadly, it’s toggling between cycles of eating too little and eating too much. It can show up like this:
  • long periods in the day without eating, extreme hunger later
  • taking on strict diets while simultaneously overindulging elsewhere
  • speaking about food in the current jargon (which is essentially letting diet culture tell you how to think about food)
  • turning to veganism (or other highly strict regimens) for reasons other than ideology hoping it will stop the problematic eating elsewhere
  • making deals or using hateful language on yourself while overconsuming
The problems in these scenarios are plentiful, but one not often discussed is the emotional trauma they bring.
The problem feels hopeless because this kind of eating traps a person in a cycle of weight gain and a loss of control.
Anything that removes your agency isn’t a path to health.
If I could put this in neon letters in everyone’s kitchen, or tattoo it on their arm, I would.
Here’s what natural eating looks like.
  • it’s based on pleasure, not indulgence
  • you eat when you feel hungry, period
  • you make food choices that support natural hunger rhythms
  • you feel fine about eating anything in your home
  • you enjoy nourishing yourself and celebrate doing so
  • you view food as an ally to all of your other life goals
That’s what I teach.
Yes, natural eating is something you can learn.
It will set you free from the anguish and allow your mind to be occupied with more important thoughts like, what fabulous things do you want to try in 2021?
For my part, I’ll be heading through the Southeast for a multi-week camping trip with my new rooftop tent.
not another diet! is now open for rolling admission.
Free yourself from these debilitating cycles, and create the life you imagined for yourself.
Yours in optimism and good health,
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