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I Was Wrong 😔 🤔

It's such a bummer to find out we were wrong. A shock to the system. How did something that seemed so

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June 27 · Issue #4 · View online
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It’s such a bummer to find out we were wrong. A shock to the system. How did something that seemed so plainly true turn out not to be? 
As a culture, we value decisiveness over contemplation. Both have their virtue, but contemplation gets short shrift. Examination of an idea requires examination of the self, and there’s the rub. We are loathe to dismantle our processes.
We think of ourselves as rational creatures who make decisions not unlike a computer. This is fiction, of course. 
There is a way to make being wrong less painful. Less of an indictment of our bad thinking, more of an acknowledgment that even at our best we are bound to misunderstand and misstep. 
It speaks to our humanity that we get things wrong. By embracing it we allow ourselves to evolve and take accountability. The latter providing untold good and necessary healing.
I like to think of the parable of the the three blind men who were asked to identify an elephant by touching various sections. Having never seen a whole elephant, they can only describe their portions. 
It’s humbling to think our understanding of the world is limited to where we happen to fumble about, but humility is a great start.
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“The best of us must sometimes eat our words.”
― J.K. Rowling
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Some of this occurs because we aren’t taught the architecture of good thinking in school. I include most college educations in this assessment.
Facts, dates, equations, yes. How to think about and parse out problems, no.
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