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I'm scared, how about you?

I've been a bit silent lately, I'm sorry for that. 2020 is proving to be a challenging year. It sort

not another diet

March 24 · Issue #121 · View online
a sane and thoughtful guide to permanent weight loss

I’ve been a bit silent lately, I’m sorry for that.
2020 is proving to be a challenging year. It sort of helps that we are all in it together, or more aptly, together-apart.
I’m sad about the state of things, a little lonely cooped up at home, and worried about what we will all be walking out to when it’s past.
I’m also cooking and exercising a ton. I’m exploring nature, watching videos on mountain biking (my new obsession), and recommitting to workouts at home.
The long bike rides started as a way to cope with the stress of social and economic fallout. Then, cooking became central because there aren’t a lot options to choose from, and it’s pleasurable to make something lovely.
Slowly, but surely I realized that I had refocused on my principles. They’ve been my safety for the last decade because they work, and the activities are all ones that lead to physical and mental health. Two things we desperately need right now.
Is it selfish and weird to focus on weight loss and health right now? That’s a personal decision. It feels soothing to me to work on things I can control, and the activities have helped me find relief from difficulty.
So, I’m recommitting to the newsletter, and maybe even finishing the book proposal (baby steps).
What I need from you is to know what content you would find helpful:
  • See what I’m cooking and serving myself
  • Hints and tips on adhering to the principles
  • Write the book!
  • Use the newsletter to teach and pull real-world examples
  • Doing live (Zoom) Q&A sessions
  • One on one coaching?
You tell me.

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