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I Have A Confession 😩

In the last three weeks I've gained 6 pounds. 6! I'm a little shocked at the swiftness of that devel

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March 19 · Issue #95 · View online
a sane and thoughtful guide to permanent weight loss

In the last three weeks I’ve gained 6 pounds. 6!
I’m a little shocked at the swiftness of that development, although I shouldn’t be. Too many chips, a few extra beers, and I’m turning 48 soon. My metabolism may have hit another decline. More likely the beers. I may have had cake for lunch one of those days.
I cried about it to my boyfriend who suggested I go back and reread my principles 😄. That’s exactly what I’m doing. No sense in beating myself up (too much), and I get to practice all this amazing advice I’m dispensing.
In truth, I’m glad to have this system in place. It works, and I’m relieved not to have to figure it all out again. Getting on the scale right now is not a whole lot of fun, but it’s all an opportunity to practice good self-talk and care.
Principle 7 is out this week. It’s about the mental shifts I use to plan ahead for problematic situations. Generally, it’s the social ones I find so difficult.
Take a read. Hit reply, tell me what you think.

Not Another Diet — Principle 7 Not Another Diet — Principle 7
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