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How's That Diet Going?


weight loss for life

February 12 · Issue #132 · View online

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If the answer is, not great, you aren’t alone. The second week in February is statistically when people abandon their diets.
I say, good riddance.
I’m here to tell you weight loss isn’t simple.
  • Yes, long-term weight loss is possible.
  • No, it doesn’t happen as a result of dieting.
I learned what does work after 20 years of struggling with my weight, abandoning diets, losing 50 pounds, and keeping it off for 10+ years.
Dieting only delays what you have to face and re-learn:
  • ✅ self-talk as a help
  • ✅ better boundaries
  • ✅ maintain consistent and joyful movement
  • ✅ set your life up to support your mental and physical health
  • ✅ communicate your needs
  • ✅ work with your biology
  • ✅ redefine your self-concept
  • ✅ preparing food that doesn’t allow for overconsumption
If your diet didn’t address these things, it was doomed to failure.
So, my question to you is, more diets or lose the weight for good?

"the program is transformational! Lucky that I picked something so unique, effective, honest, and deep" Susan D.
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