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How about a little casual cruelty?


weight loss for life

January 29 · Issue #130 · View online

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Is this how you speak to yourself?
  • observing body parts and finding them gross
  • catching yourself in the mirror and wishing you weren’t unattractive
  • inspecting other people and judging yourself as lacking
  • repeating word for word unkind things said to you
It seems obvious that if you said these things to someone else, the effect would be hugely wounding. Yet, somehow, it’s perfectly acceptable inside the confines of our own minds.
Well, it isn’t.
Here’s the thing, losing weight doesn’t fix detrimental self-talk, and it’s very difficult to lose the weight for good while employing it.
Sit with that for a moment.
We’ve been inundated with the opposite message for so long, no one questions it. If you lose weight (by any insane means necessary), you’ll now be ‘attractive’ and all the problems will be solved.
The mean thoughts will dissolve and you can walk into your bright, shiny future unencumbered by self-loathing.
Not exactly.
If you are embarking on change without addressing self-talk, it won’t get much traction. Self-worth isn’t based on being large or small, it’s based on your integrity and honoring yourself.
There are tools to help you rewire your neural pathways while gently helping you face the scale, your disordered eating, and the relationships upending your good efforts. That’s the work.
Permanent weight loss requires high self-regard.
That’s why our program at ‘not another diet’ focuses so much on rebuilding the structure of your internal and external life. And, by extension why we find diets as an answer so ridiculous.
The work isn’t in complicated food schemes, nor forgoing eating for half the day, but in understanding yourself and learning deep self-compassion.
Then, progress on weight loss for life can be acheived.
You can read about our process here.
Book a call to discuss here.
Yours in optimism and good health,

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