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weight loss for life

January 8 · Issue #127 · View online

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It’s time to redefine success.
First of all, you are the product of evolution, not your own wishes.
Secondly, these foods you have a love/hate relationship with are designed to short-circuit your hunger. They create the kind of internal chaos evolution has no defense for.
There isn’t a way, short of a lobotomy to create a scenario where this food is in your line of sight and you won’t want it. I’m not saying there is zero agency in a decision to eat a donut, but nowhere as much as you think. Especially if the donut is presented to you (in line at the coffee shop, at the office, on your commute home, whatever).
There seems to be this idea that truly evolved people no longer want the donut. That’s rubbish, but way to make biology a personal failing!
Successful long-term losers don’t rely on or tax their willpower.
We accept our biology, make peace with our humanity, and keep a wide berth from foods that work to overwhelm our hunger signals.
That’s Part Of What I Teach In ‘not another diet!’
It’s hard to lose the weight for good when you’re operating with bad information (and, man, is that plentiful).
It was life-changing for me when I finally understood how to eat for nourishment, how to use the finite resource of willpower the right way, and how to accept myself as-is.
That’s right, self-acceptance leads to weight loss. Take a moment to appreciate what a radical idea that is in a world that can’t stop telling you what’s wrong with you.
I’ve quantified those concepts into a course that is already helping people reclaim their peace, sanity, and waist-line.
If you’d like to hear about what not another diet! can do for you, book a call, and let’s discuss it.
Yours in optimism and good health,
not another diet! - weight loss for life not another diet! - weight loss for life
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