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Good Thinking Makes For A Good Life💡

I'm reclaiming the term 'self-help'. Salvaging it from the insipid company it usually keeps. Giving i

not another diet

February 12 · Issue #90 · View online
a sane and thoughtful guide to permanent weight loss

I’m reclaiming the term ‘self-help’. Salvaging it from the insipid company it usually keeps. Giving it back a little of its luster.
I suspect we all feel a little sheepish about wanting to help ourselves. That instinct to pretend we are fine, and NO WAY IN NEED OF HELP is predicated on wrong-headed thinking. We are all a tangled mess in some way, and self-awareness is a skill that needs cultivation.
Why should it be so shameful that we need to help ourselves?
A few charlatans have given self-help a bad name, but that doesn’t make it a bad idea. Humans have long known that it is work to understand ourselves and curb our worst instincts. Religion can be self-help. Secular writing can be self-help. Therapy is self-help. Walking is self-help. Standing in the woods and inhaling the scent is self-help. Clear thinking is self-help, and it’s a skill we can all develop.
Looking for clarity is a reasonable thing to do.
My own life is full of dark spaces and confusion. Some of the progress is just time itself, but much of it comes from reading and thinking. Letting the words rest inside my psyche and returning to the pain point with a new approach.
Not everything is fixable, but a lot is. An incomplete list of things I’ve made progress on are my weight (which had a huge effect on my life satisfaction), plantar fasciitis, seasonal depression, and coping with the constant fear of another diagnosis.
Right now I’m writing the Not Another Diet Series, but this newsletter is reflective of my wholistic approach to self-help. The exploration of good thinking, discerning good information from bad, and how that can lead to a more satisfied life.

Extra Credit 🤓
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I recommend this for changing your diet as well. What didn’t work and why?
Debunked 🤥
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Not. Another. Diet.
Not Another Diet Not Another Diet
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