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And now for something a little different 🌈

Did I say we were over? I've missed you so. True Tales of the Silver Fox was fun while it lasted but

not another diet!

January 4 · Issue #76 · View online
a newsletter about sustained weight loss

Did I say we were over? I’ve missed you so.
True Tales of the Silver Fox was fun while it lasted but I’d like the liberty to write under my own name, on my own schedule.
Besides, how foxy I am depends on good light, good sleep and good makeup. Two things I have limited control over and one that requires effort. I do think middle-aged women are sexy. Let’s come to a mutual understanding that I am, of course, right about this.
The intense soul-searching is going on the back burner for a project that’s been evolving for the last eight years. Writing about how I lost nearly sixty pounds eight years ago and have kept 90% of it off. Less than 10% of dieters accomplish this and I did it without journaling, counting calories, subscribing to a pre-set program or researching optimum workouts.
Eight years later, I think I’m on to something.
I’m reprising the newsletter for this project. I’ve always thought my approach would make a great book but I’m curious to see how it lands before I do all that work.
I figured out something difficult and life-changing. I’m proud of that and I’d like to tell you how I did it. Click on any of the links to get the first installment.
Please follow my new series on @Medium. It’s really good.

Not Another Diet – Rebecca Thomas Not Another Diet – Rebecca Thomas
I wanted to hate this millennial, smoothie-to-your-door company, I really did.
Except, here’s the thing. They are awesome.
I tried Daily Harvest in anticipation of my latest surgery. I wanted to be able to make my own food during the month of recovery. I figured I could use the blender and so, I bit the bullet and filled up my freezer.
I’m hooked! There is no way to replicate the variety and quality without a crazy amount of effort. The formulations are delicious, healthy and filling.
For 3 FREE cups use the code RE-LMELHAG
Daily Harvest 🥤 Daily Harvest 🥤
haha 🤣
Report: 750,000 Americans Die Each Year During First Attempt To Get Back In Shape
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