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weight loss for life

February 5 · Issue #131 · View online

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Nothing. Seductive. Uncomfortable. Unsustainable.
Clean slates are a fun idea. Start fresh, throw out the bad.
Who doesn’t love that glittery horizon?
Here’s another way to think about it: that’s nurturing a fantasy.
Lasting change evolves. It’s a simultaneous process of growing good thinking, doing the emotional work to allow honesty in, and keeping your commitments to yourself.
It’s one step at a time. It’s gentleness. It’s respect for the self.
Diets can only ever end one way, with you no longer dieting.
Then what?
Have you created boundaries, worked on self-talk, employed good tools, deepened your understanding of behavior, created rules, pursued joyful movement, and focused on your nourishment practice?
One way or another you still have to face yourself and your real-life. That’s where lifetime success lies anyway.

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