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By Rebecca Thomas

a companion newsletter to the nad program

a companion newsletter to the nad program

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Cohort shmo-hort, why should I care about one?

It turns out that accountability makes everyone work harder, including me.This week there will be a few extra emails leading up to March 22, then delivery will go back to a normal schedule.First, let me back up a bit. The program I built is 9+ weeks long and …


Putting your food into an app is thwarting lasting weight loss, here's why:

I came across this fascinating piece in the Growth Equation (also a terrific newsletter) about the concept of technology alienation. It's the idea that certain technologies stop us from tuning into ourselves.I was immediately electrified. YES!Take, for exampl…


Swap brownies for impulse buys, does that still sound like coping?

I'm building a short-course called:


How's That Diet Going?

This is an important read. Most of us rely on a food system designed to create over-consumption. They are making us fat. Full-stop, no qualifier.


All or nothing is...

We specifically ask our members to ditch goal weights for this exact reason. It's counter-productive.


How about a little casual cruelty?

Is this how you speak to yourself?observing body parts and finding them grosscatching yourself in the mirror and wishing you weren't unattractiveinspecting other people and judging yourself as lackingrepeating word for word unkind things said to youIt seems o…


Weight loss isn't simple, so why do we keep treating it that way?

We're serving up snacks of good thinking on Insta.


Self-care is creating calm in the body 🌱

I'm well into teaching my first group of 'not another diet' members, and it's a fascinating experience. It's of course, incredibly rewarding to be of genuine help to people as they work on changing their lives and thinking.Another benefit is the thinking teac…


Help! Please make me immune to 🍩🍰🍟🥖🍕!

I'm crazy about homemade condiments. They are delicious and endlessly useful for dressing up brown rice and veggies.


Is Your Eating Disordered?

Modern wellness peddles disorder. There, I said it.


The high cost of dreams deferred 🏄👙🌍

Put an egg on it could be the title of my memoir.


Time and space are the best gifts 🎁

A friend asked me, what was the best gift was I've given myself? The answer was easy.Time and space to calmly and peacefully attend to myself.We, humans, are experts at filling up our bellies, eyeballs, homes, and time with unending distractions. The result i…


Why a trainer or nutritionist isn't step one for weight loss 🤔

Whatever you do for 2021, please don't diet. Every diet I know of offers temporary weight loss (at best) which simply batters your body and confidence.


How confusing is losing weight? See if you can relate 🤷🏼‍♀️

I'm proud to launch my site and this one-of-a-kind program. Take a look.

Members only

Members only sneak-peek 👀

And, other important news.First things, first. I'm in the final stretch of launching my course, and it feels marvelous. It's such a neat experience to see my ideas come to life in this way. I've certainly been working on them long enough!As members, I wanted …


❌ Why diets don't work

I've been hard at work on getting my website ready and I'm so close. This project is monumental, but I'm loving the work. I've been thinking about and quantifying my process for a long time. This is the next, natural step.


This is not a Black Friday pitch ⌚️

Pay attention to anything you can do throughout the day. That's where movement results in weight loss.


My thoughts on why goal weights are so destructive

I did a little video on this subject that got a good response. I'll be doing a few more weekly and releasing them on Wednesdays. Goal weights should be a big, red flag you're walking into dangerous territory.


My best tips for a healthy Thanksgiving 🦃

Why goal weights are destructive.I did a little video on Instagram that got a big response, so next week I'll do a deeper dive into why goal weights run counter to sustainable weight loss.


Put down the Halloween candy 🍫

I'm doing it!I'm building a program to launch in January 2021 to teach my system of weight loss AND maintenance. I've hired a professional course builder to help me design it, and it's going to be 🔥 🔥🔥This is incredibly exciting for me and something I'm ready…