From The Desk of Tim Ozman - Issue #1

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Weekly newsletter of Infinite Plane Radio 24 7, Call 833 311 1984
From The Desk of Tim Ozman - Issue #1
From The Desk of Tim Ozman: 
9/9/21 Vax-Supremecy On The Rise 
Good Evening:
I’ve been preoccupied with a couple of side businesses I have resurrected. One, I’m creating original art and selling it online, and two, I expanded Conspiratained News into a blog and shop for all things conspirataining. Lots of doors opened up this week and I had to take a few days to go through them all. It’s all good news for the Infinite Plane Society, for IPR, and for the projects the Think Tank is engaged in. The Infinite Plan continues. The next phase: Think Tank Symposiums. If you want to be involved, join us in discord. $2 a month or $20 a year for full access. 
Hate to be the one to say it, but a billion masks added to the oceans could explain the rise in sea levels. The Pope keeps blaming us for it. But it seems like we traded one set of problems for another, and then the first problem was exacerbated by the new one, and now we’re all going to drown in a sea of used PPE.
The metascript is buzzing today so tonight will be a bit of a data dump:
We’ll be discussing the following topics this evening on Infinite Plane Radio:
We’ll talk about the tactics of Antiva. Not Antifa. Antiva, which is a term I invented for when Antivaxxers use Antifa tactics. In celebrity news, Jimmy Blackface Kimmel suggested hospitals become concentration camps for people resistant to medical tyranny, which, by the way, is a form of religious tyranny, only it’s cloaked with science. Patty Oswalt, Vax-Supremacist, said he doesn’t want any impureness in his audience. Purebloods only.
It’s also apparent that the left loves it that there seems to be a new Covid strain targeting anti-vaxxers. It makes them feel they chose the right god. Covid Akbar!
We’ll discuss Proud Boys and their symbolism. Not just the obvious neck-beards, flannels, and US flags bandannas, but the rooster and their origins. (Kyle Rittenhouse was inducted into the PB cult, by the way, something we’ll get into).
I want to ask the question “Are Truthers Doomier than MSM?”
There are some Space Race Updates: The ISS was on Fire, the Russian film crew was deemed unfit for space, Tom Cruise’s PR Stunt campaign continues with dramatic falls from the sky, even as his biggest theatrical releases get pushed back. But now he’s in a position to film the first movie in space.
Also, heads up: the DHS has made it known that September the 18th is being looked at as a potentially likely day for a terror attack–a “super day for a psyop”, so don’t go to D.C. unless you want to share bunks with the Qanon Shaman and erotomaniac Jake Angeli, who is literally in love with Donald Trump.
We’ll have a regular schedule again soon. I’ve been working behind the scenes building out the foundations of Infinite Plane Media. Thanks for subscribing to the newsletter. You’ll want to stay tuned as we turn up the interestingness.
Tim Ozman
IPR, Host 
Conspiratained Shop

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Weekly newsletter of Infinite Plane Radio 24 7, Call 833 311 1984

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