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Empire Prime Time: The Era of Viral TikToks 🚀

Empire Token Weekly
Empire Token Weekly
Hello, There Folks! 👋
If you’re running an influencer campaign for your listings on Tik Tok right now, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s hot take. Comment below if you think the potential upside outweighs the risks when running Tik Tok influencer campaigns!
Let’s dive in? 🏊
“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau
Hot Take: TikTok Capturing the Crypto Space 🔥
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has partnered with TikTok’s most-followed creator, Khaby Lame, to spread awareness of Web3. As a new global brand ambassador for Binance, the largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Lame will educate his audience about crypto and debunk myths surrounding the Web3 ecosystem. Now that’s cool! 
What is TikTok Crypto? 🤷
TikTok is currently working on a program that will allow crypto companies to run ads on the platform. While there will be restrictions in place, this is a big step forward for TikTok crypto advertisers. 
If you’re in charge of marketing for a cryptocurrency brand, you’re probably looking for ways to promote the brand that sets you apart from many scams in the industry. This makes digital marketing for your brand even more important—you need to prove your legitimacy and show your value all in one fell swoop. With TikTok’s new beta test, legitimate cryptocurrency companies can rest assured that they’re creating a trusted online presence.
However, TikTok Crypto beta program is only open to select brands at the moment. While there’s no set end date for the beta test, if it’s adopted, any brand that is regulated by an approved financial institution will be able to run paid ads.
Ways to Create Organic Content on TikTok 💃
There are several ways crypto brands can create organic content. Let’s cover a few.
1. Share Educational Content
The cryptocurrency industry is still new, and a lot of people have no clue how it works. By sharing useful information and some beginner basics, you’re able to bring a lot of newbies into the fold while simultaneously introducing them to your business.
2. Content with Humour
Have fun with your crypto-related content. Although it’s a more serious topic—after all, we’re talking about money and investments—there’s still room to poke fun at each other.
3. Share Useful Tips
Investing can be full of quick tips, like what to invest in now, what to sell, what to hold, and more. These can be 10-second videos that you share with your audience to help keep them in the loop of what’s popular and what’s up-and-coming.
4. Use Trending Musical Tracks
One big content type on TikTok is videos that use trending sound bytes in different ways. See if you can find ways to use popular sound clips while still relating them back to your business or industry.
5. Link-in-bio Tool
Use this strategically, by linking to your website, marketplace, newsletters, blog content, and more. In your videos, you can reference “the link in our bio” in order to get people to swipe over to your profile and click to learn more.
Breaking News 📰
We have been in talks with the TikTok management, and the team is preparing for advertising on this giant of a social media platform. A huge TikTok campaign is coming soon. We will be focusing on multi-level content creation to reach out to our potential target market. 
We want to make the most of this new TikTok crypto campaign. As a crypto company, this can be a great way to get the word out about cryptocurrency and secure ways of investing in it.
Community Interaction 😄
Empire Token’s Founder and CEO Abdullah Ghandour, fondly known as Dulla, recently held yet another AMA (Ask Me Anything) session where he updated the Empire community about the recent developments on upcoming projects and answered some of the interesting questions asked by the community. The AMA session was divided into three segments  
  • Part I: Introduction and Updates
  • Part II: Pre-collected Questions
  • Part III: Live Q&A Session                                         
To learn about the details in detail. Check out our recap blog here
Survey Says 📃
Well to spice things up and to optimize our strategies, we have reverted to our prestigious community for guidance. We are seeking insights into our community via this specially designed survey. It will help us cater to the needs of creating content and formulating value-driven strategies for the community. If you haven’t had the chance to go through it, feel free to review it here.  
✅ That’s All for This Week!
We’d say “see you next Sunday” but you know… that’s frowned upon in many circles. Let’s just say we’ll miss you dearly & stay tuned because we’re pumping out updates really soon. Visit our blog section and socials to find all the latest happenings. If you’d like us to explore a trend, topic, release, or tool, send us a DM to our socials and we’ll literally jump right on it. LITERALLY.
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Empire Token Weekly
Empire Token Weekly

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