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Empire Prime Time: UI Screens Are Here!

Empire Token Weekly
Empire Token Weekly
Hi there 😀 Happy Sunday, friends. 
At Empire Token we are buzzing with energy and excitement. Everyone on the team eagerly awaits the official launch of our most treasured project, i.e., Today, we have decided to walk you through the initial stage, where we are going to highlight the first glimpse of the UI screens. This epic dream is just a few steps away from turning into reality, SOON! 
Let’s dive right in! 🚀
🤯 Quote
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
- John Dewey
🔥 Hot Take
We already have BETA! That’s right, the application is being used right now by a select group of users to help find bugs and improve the user experience. The feedback we have received so far shows that everything is going as the doctor ordered!
We know you are already biting your nails waiting for the official release of We definitely are testing your patience, forgive us for that. Perhaps, we definitely don’t want to deliver a DApp that is not worthy of our beloved community under the pretext that it is a BETA version. is very close to being released, and you will love it! 
🌏 What We’re Up To is an all-in-one DeFi solution. An application that combines all the shortcomings of DeFi in one place. The app offers both dark and light modes. The current trading system is fragmented, which is undesirable. It can be difficult to keep track of multiple websites, accounts, and assets. There must be a better way to do everything in one place, which is precisely what proposes! 
To be one of the users of the future app of DeFi, you can create an account as the first step. is a new social network that allows crypto traders to share their trades and ideas with others in an interactive environment. has plenty of options. A user can start a group chat instead of joining an existing one.
Select a group profile photo, give it a name, and include your friends, your group chat is ready! Of course, group chats aren’t the only option; you can also have private or even secret chats. Users can make both audio and video calls. A chat’s priority can be set, audio messages can be sent, and it’s simple to search through the chats. 
You’ve never heard of the private chat feature, have you? Users have control over how long their messages, videos, and images are displayed. Additionally, replaying is optional, and a notification appears when the chat is screen captured.
You can forward any message you want if they are not in a secret chat while the’s chat folder feature can help you stay more organized. In the initial development stages, we’ve worked on the user profile,’s welcome landing page, private and group chat interface, and the settings menu. 
Last week our marketing and design team worked on the UI Reveal Promo Video for the community. It highlighted the overall chic look, if you by any chance missed it, we have got you covered. You can watch the complete video here. 
The Focus Point 📍
We opted to work on the community aspect of first since it is the most important to us, and it will deliver a next-gen experience for every user and project owner.
There are many popular platforms out there, such as Discord or Telegram, but because the DeFi scene hasn’t been around for that long, there isn’t a great platform to manage your project/community. With, we’ll provide the ideal environment for every DeFi user.
Quick Features Breakdown 🔥 is engineered specifically for DeFi projects and communities. It allows users to interact with DeFi projects and communities through a single, user-friendly interface. Let’s just explore some hot features
1. Project Profile
A Project Profile has all the relevant information about the project, such as Project Description, Launch Details, Token Ticker, Contract Address, Price, Price Bot, Market Cap, Supply, Number of holders, Price Chart, Project’s Website, Social Contacts, and Blockchain Explorer Link.
2. DApp Store
Discover the world of crypto apps through a new holistic lens. Find community-validated apps on the dApp Store. The DApp Store hosts a variety of NFT games and other decentralized platforms. You can browse and filter dApps depending on your needs without having to look it up on Google or other websites. We bring you the perfect combination of security and convenience.
Browse from A-to-Z handpicked high level DApps to get hold of all modern DeFi user’s needs. Within each app in your DApp spaces, you will find integrated community vetted DeFi solutions for your accessibility and profitability.
3. Inbuilt Wallet, NFT, Marketplace, DEX & Portfolio Tracker features its own built-in wallet, allowing users to store their NFTs, tokens, and cryptocurrencies. For those who prefer using an external wallet, also supports other wallets such as MetaMask and TrustWallet.
Goosebumps’ DEX will be integrated into to allow users to buy and swap their tokens quickly, safely, and easily within the app.
Goosebumps DEX allows cross-chain transactions to make swapping tokens from one network to another easier. If users are holding Empire Token with an aim to earn passive income, they can use the Staking Platform to stake their $EMPIRE and farm tokens from other projects.
Another great feature is the ability to purchase USDT using a credit card within the app and use it to purchase tokens on the DEX. All transactions made on are automatically sent to the user’s wallet of choice—including a detailed breakdown of all their transactions that can be fetched from the Portfolio Tracking page. Further, users can track the status of the entire portfolio, as well as gains and losses, transactions made, the amount paid in fees, and can navigate to immediate charts detailing any token they want.
4. Launchpad & Project Tracker
Users can track rising projects in the DeFi Project Tracking section, having direct access to the most important information from top gainers and top losers, most viewed, and recently added projects, along with the capability to filter projects by category or network. You can also find useful data about these projects within the app.
To launch a new project, users can use Launchpad to start an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) and raise funds for development. A unique feature offers for project developers is this—for already launched projects that want to migrate to a new contract or bridge to another network, they can also use Launchpad to enable holders of existing tokens to either claim tokens from the new contract or lock it in for a period of time to earn extra bonuses.
Well, these features mentioned above are just the tip of an ICEBERG, we would keep the rest in an Arabian-veil to be revealed later. 🙈
Survey Says 📃
Well to spice things up and to optimize our strategies, we have reverted to our prestigious community for guidance. We are seeking insights into our community via this specially designed survey. It will help us cater to the needs of creating content and formulating value-driven strategies for the community. If you haven’t had the chance to go through it, feel free to review it here 
👋🏾 That’s All for Now
Thank you so much for reading - we’d love to hear from you if you have ideas for this newsletter, or if you would like to see more of a particular piece of content that we post. Email with your feedback, or DM us here, or literally just leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you! 
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Empire Token Weekly
Empire Token Weekly

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