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🧡 Revue is joining Twitter! 💙

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Hey, it’s Martijn! As big news about our company breaks today, I asked Mark to let me write to you directly.
This is the big news:
We’ve joined Twitter. This is big news for people who use Revue, people who will start using Revue and the whole team who built it. So in this email I wanted to go a little deeper than just this news. And that’s what email does better than any other platform. It lets you go deeper with a wide audience, both in your relationship and in your thinking. Add nuance, context, speak personally.
When I first started out five years ago, I created Revue because I discovered an email newsletter from one of my favorite people on Twitter: Benedict Evans. I loved his Twitter feed, but found that reading his weekly email helped me better capture all his great content in a single, easy-to-absorb way.
That experience inspired us to build the first version of Revue. We wanted to make sending an email newsletter as simple and enjoyable as Tweeting. That core goal has never changed, but the world around us sure has.
Email has become a much more important publishing platform. The publishing world is working even harder at its re-invention. And we’re proud to be part of that. Today, Revue makes it easy for a wide variety of creators and publishers to send a newsletter — and make money from it.
We help them find an audience, create a deep connection and grow without limits.
Today, we serve a spectrum of customers, from ambitious media upstarts like The Markup to independent creators like Scott Melker and even large legacy publishers like Germany’s Madsack. And while different, all of them come to Revue for one purpose: to transform how we share and absorb content. 
They want to change the way publishing works. Who gets heard and who gets paid. And that’s what connects their goals to us, the people who build Revue.
The folks over at Twitter are amazing partners who believe in and add to our mission. Thanks to them we can invest more, build faster, and get better for you.
Thanks to our joining Twitter, we can make publishing on email even more accessible. As a first step, we’re excited to share some updates that will improve the way you can build and get paid for your content:
🤝 Starting a newsletter on Revue is now free
🤝 On paid newsletters, we only charge 5%
We’ve made these changes so that everyone can be a creator on Revue, with the opportunity to scale their newsletters and a paying audience without the added fees or obstacles that can limit growth.
One important element to our customers success is giving you full control. You own your audience, your content, your brand. You can send from your own domain. You can connect Revue to hundreds of other tools without coding. And of course we have an API for you to build on.
We are also building a version of Revue for larger creators and publications. They have even more control, This version offers features like fully custom designs and tools to help them manage their audience, cross-promote newsletters and include subscription offers.
For now, we’ll continue to operate as a standalone business. But expect to hear more about how we’re working with Twitter soon as we look at more ways to help you grow faster, be discovered more easily and build even deeper connections.
Our goal is to create the single best place in the world for media businesses of the future to start, to grow big and to innovate. There is a lot to do, so we’ll keep working on it — along with all the people who use Revue.
Martijn, Founder
PS: We’ll need some additional team members in design, engineering and more. Look out for open positions here.
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