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Hi there,
Phew. At the risk of sounding like every other email in your inbox right now: What a year it’s been.
2021 has been tough in a lot of ways, but we’ve also had the privilege of watching your newsletters develop and grow over the last 12 months. 
We brought together a wide-ranging collection of writers and asked them to share their proudest moment of this year, and something they’re excited to try in the year ahead.
These writers have audiences — big and small — and cover a variety of topics. Grab a hot drink, open your notes app, and settle in.
Invisible Women explores the myriad ways our world is built with the male default in mind. It’s a thriving community, and Caroline includes one piece of ‘homework’ in each issue, guiding her readers on how to take concrete action.
Proudest moment of 2021:
The many readers who have got in touch with me to tell me how my newsletter has made them feel less helpless, and inspired them to take action. Also the fact that I managed to get through a whole year writing a newsletter (almost!) every week
Something to try in 2022:
I actually am going to be trying something pretty exciting & different this year — if people want to find out what it is they should sign up to my newsletter ;)
If you like your news to come from cursing cormorants and profane puffins, look no further. Michelle curates quirky news stories to pair with Aaron’s pictures and captions of swearing birds. The identity is strong with this one.
Proudest moment of 2021: 
Being entrusted with the Effin’ Birds brand. I’ve written a load of newsletters during my career, but this brand has such a distinctive voice and sensibility that it is an honor to write for it. That said, our ≈ 50% open rate is a close second (but also reflective of the amazingly engaged fanbase!).
Something to try in 2022:
I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to interact with the audience. In large part, that’s because Effin’ Birds readers are a really smart, fun group. However, increased interaction could offer ways to both deepen, and leverage, their fandom to help build awareness and subscribers.
Fatu breaks the fast-moving world of Big Tech into need-to-know nuggets, quickly catching the reader up on the biggest news of the week.
Proudest moment of 2021:
My proudest moment was realising I had formed a deep connection with my readers. They are a global audience with strong opinions who show up every week to read my newsletter. So, every email, post share, Twitter DM and mention I receive validates the value Big Tech This Week provides. Their support makes me feel darn good. 
Something to try in 2022:
2022 is about experimentation. I’ll create content across different verticals — video, audio, etc. I’ll expand coverage into more African startup cities in countries like Egypt, Kenya, South Africa and Senegal. I’ll cover more Web 3 conversations, and explore brand and content partnerships. I’m experimenting.
A self-confessed “very online journalist,” Shayne is your personal guide to navigating the internet; she scrolls so you don’t have to.
Proudest moment of 2021:
My proudest moments happened off “The Timeline” — when my subscribers reached out to me to share they learned something new from the newsletter or opened up about experiences they’ve had as fellow digital creators. I love how easy it is to stay connected to them and build a community with Revue.
Something to try in 2022:
I’m looking forward to growing my newsletter, trying out new formats, creating exclusive content for my members and continuing to find ways to add value to my newsletter family’s inboxes. I’m just getting started!
Colin uses his newsletter to connect with his readers, updating them on his work and life while sharing essay-style thoughts on the world around him.
Proudest moment of 2021:
Building and maintaining strong connections with people around the world during a period of immense uncertainty and tumult. It’s been a weird time for everyone, myself very much included, and being able to experience some of that weirdness together has been rewarding and helpful, and made facing such challenges a bit more tenable.
Something to try in 2022:
Reaching new people, trying new things, and continuing to launch niche and pop-up email-delivered projects for folks who’re keen to keep growing and learning, but who are also trying to avoid being overwhelmed by everything happening in the world right now, and the tangle of platforms and information sources that are vying for our attention. 
Hot-pink color scheme, check. Gaudy branding, check. This internet-culture roundup is tailor-made for the extremely online generation. And it features Harry Styles quite literally everywhere.
Proudest moment of 2021:
We launched our newsletter in September and honestly, I’m proudest of just doing the damn thing! That, and maintaining a 5am wake-up for over 3 months now. Love that for me!!
Something to try in 2022:
I’m looking to try and get Harry Styles to subscribe, and upon reading, fall in love with me. 
This newsletter lives alongside Colleen’s disaster reporting. It works as a form of outreach to her community — from readers to journalists to subject-matter experts. Her audience-engagement tactics are distinctive.
Proudest moment of 2021:
I launched an original series called “Demystifying Disasters” to answer common questions I’ve come across while reporting on this subject. It really goes back to basics — no acronym left un-explained, no assuming understanding of past events or jargon — to serve as an introduction to audiences trying to deepen their understanding of disasters.
Something to try in 2022:
This past summer, I hosted a small movie night for some subscribers (we watched Twister, always a classic). In 2022, I want to schedule more events that can help connect the growing My World’s on Fire community, such as live Q&As, webinars on topics my audience is most interested in, or a book club!
Next week: tune in for a big question and a quick note about 2022. In the meantime, I wish you a happy and relaxed holiday season. 
See you then,
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