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The Revue Email Academy: Five days to newsletter success

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Hello all,
This week I wanted to talk to you about a project that I’m really excited about: a completely new, five-day email course that will guide you to success with your newsletter. 
I’m in touch with people who use Revue, and who are just getting started, every day. It was eating me up that some people were stopping just because the information they needed wasn’t delivered early on in the newsletter-creation process. So we decided to do something about it.
We wanted to harness that spurt of momentum that causes people to sign up in the first place, and help them put it to use. 
The Revue Email Academy
That brings me to the ‘Revue Email Academy’, an email course that will set creators up with the best information possible to get their newsletter up and running. Sure, that will involve instructions on how to make the most of Revue’s tools, but we also want to focus on essential broader elements like building a writing habit and a promotion strategy, as well as building an income from paid newsletters. 
To be clear: the point isn’t to hassle people who are just taking a look around; the course will be optional.
But what will the course cover? Below, I’ve laid out the structure so far, and I’d love to know what you think. Are the lessons in the right order? Is there anything missing that would help you? This is still a work in progress. Hit reply after you’ve finished reading to let me know!
What you’ll learn
Day One: How to build a regular writing habit 
We know that one of the hardest things about starting a newsletter is… actually starting. So the idea here is to remove as many barriers as possible. Readers will learn how to set a rhythm and the importance of getting started — even if that’s just to send your first issue to yourself and a buddy. 
Day Two: Get settled into Revue
We get it. It can be daunting sitting down with a new interface. The aim of day two is to orientate readers within Revue and help them make the most of the tools at their disposal, from handy curation features to an easy editor to a beautiful profile page. 
Day Three: How to promote your newsletter
To state the obvious, promotion isn’t as easy as buying a lead ad and sitting back with a cup of tea. In day three, we’ll guide you through the process of getting your newsletter out there — and that starts with finding your niche and knowing your audience. From there, we’ll give you some pointers on how to build a strategy that fits with your audience to help you grow your subscriber list. 
Day Four: How to make money with Revue
No matter what your newsletter is about, there’s probably a way to optimize it to create income — as long as you’ve found your niche and you know what value you bring to your readers. Here, we’ll guide you through how to set a business model, the practical process of setting up a paid newsletter, and how to manage your audience after you’ve made that jump. 
Day Five: How to send and share your first issue
The final day of the course is all about sending your first issue. We know that most readers will likely still be tinkering with their draft as the week draws to a close, and this step is all about the adrenaline rush of sending your newsletter out into the world. We’ll emphasize the importance of a proof-reading step, and show you how to share the issue automatically on social media. 
The future
The beauty of this project is that we can add to it as we learn more from the experiences of great writers that already use Revue, such as social media consultant Matt Navarra (we actually talked to him about this recently), author Caroline Criado-Perez, or YouTube star Ali Abdaal
And even more importantly — we want to build it with you. Is there something missing from the outline above? Would you rather something like this was available as a resource at all times in the newsletter journey, rather than just on signup? What did you wish you knew as you started writing your newsletter? I’d love to hear from you — and you can always reach me by replying to this email.
Until next time,
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