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Testing a new home for your newsletter



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Hi there,
I’ve got a shorter issue for you today, because I really want to hear what you think about something we’re working on at Revue right now.
We’re on a mission to help you grow your audience. As a first step, we’re kicking off a new project: Refreshing your Revue newsletter’s profile page.
What we’re doing
As of last week, we’re showing a small number of readers some new design elements when they land on a profile or read a newsletter issue online.
We’ve worked with some fantastic creators who have kindly agreed to let us show you what the new design elements look like on their profiles, and in the colors they have chosen (top tip: customise the main color of your own Revue profile by following these steps).
Here’s how it looks on web, courtesy of Miles Klee and his newsletter Miles High Club:
Here’s how it looks on mobile, demonstrated by Shayne Nuesca and her newsletter The Timeline:
And here’s what an individual newsletter post looks like, courtesy of Kirsten Alana and her newsletter An Eye for Life:
With these designs, our goal is to:
🧡 Highlight paid newsletters more prominently
🧡 Make it more enjoyable to subscribe and read
🧡 Give your words more space on all screens
Can I test this?
For this test, we have randomly selected a small percentage of readers (ie. the people who land on Revue profiles) to see the new design elements. Once we have gathered enough data, we’ll analyze it and move forward with rolling out the new design to all readers, if the results support that.
Some people who land on your Revue profile will see the new design elements already, but we won’t be able to open it up for everyone until we get those test results back.
In a nutshell, we want to make profiles convert better, to turn more visitors on your page into subscribers. We believe these tweaks will improve conversion — but we won’t roll them out to all readers if we see any negative data. 
We need you!
Of course, the most important thing in all of this is you. We’d love to hear your feedback on the designs I shared above. What do you like? What’s missing? What would you love to see on your Revue profile? Let me know in a reply. 
That’s all for today! See you next week,
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Anna from Twitter
Anna from Twitter @revue

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