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Hi there,
Hope you’re having a great week! You may have noticed I sent an extra newsletter issue to you last Thursday, announcing a new feature we’re rolling out…
It’s here 🧡

Today, we’re starting to test a feature that allows people to subscribe to your Revue newsletter directly from your Twitter profile.

It's available to all Revue creators immediately. To start though, your newsletters will show only for a test group on Twitter.
We’re pretty excited about it, and I wanted to take this time to highlight some of your responses and address your questions. Let’s dive in.
Remind me: What’s this feature, again?
So glad you asked! We’re rolling out a way for people on Twitter to subscribe to a Revue newsletter directly from the creator’s Twitter profile. Here’s how it will look:
Pretty neat. And lots of you have been in touch to let me know how smooth it was to enable the feature — that’s what we like to hear! Check out this step-by-step guide for an explainer on how to set it up.
This feature will be shown to to a small number of people using Twitter on web and Android first. We are working on making this available on iOS and to others soon.
Your feedback
We received lots of great feedback directly by email, and even more on Twitter.
We’ve had messages from people who are excited to see how this feature can help them grow, and some who feel inspired to get back into the newsletter flow after some time out of the game:
Adriana Lacy
ah just added this to mine! making it my goal to revive my newsletter this fall
I'm extremely excited about that. That is reason number one why I had chosen to use Revue. I have very big plans for my future newsletter.
This is exciting! You can now subscribe to my newsletter directly from my Twitter profile :D

Only available via Twitter web ( & Android.

Shout out to @revue for this.
I speak from experience when I say coming back issue after issue to write a newsletter can be a daunting thing — especially if you’ve taken a few weeks off. We’re delighted that this feature has inspired some of you to get back into it, and we’re so happy with the positive feedback.
We also noted that a few of your messages focused on distribution and helping creators reach their audience at various points in the subscriber journey:
Art Lapinsch
@Twitter x @revue collab is taking the creator stack to the next level.

Direct integration of top-funnel (twitter) w/ mid-funnel (newsletter/revue) activity.

Love it 😍
Jacob Donnelly ☕️
Why would anyone pick a newsletter CMS other than Revue at this point? So long as it offers core functionality, this integration with Twitter profiles is a huge win. Distribution is the secret sauce. Who helps a creator actually grow?
@revue Been waiting for this. Hopefully, this helps smaller newsletters like mine grow a bit more.
holyn 🔅 $HOLLA
hype this has finally launched and can't wait to see the impact it has, especially for the emerging writers looking to grow their audiences
All creators, whether they’re running big newsletters or smaller ones, want to make sure they’re reaching their potential audience in the best way possible. It doesn’t stop here. We’ll keep building tools that you want and need — and keep letting us know when we’re going in the right (or wrong!) direction. We’re building with you ✨
We still have work to do
While it’s always nice to hear from people who are fans of the new feature, we also really appreciate constructive criticism, and we listen when you tell us things aren’t clear or could be improved upon.
For those of you asking for the limited test group to be rolled out more widely: We absolutely understand that this feature will only become more powerful when more people on Twitter can see it, and we’re actively working on bringing it to more people, including those using iOS.
Some of you have also grabbed this opportunity to let us know what you wish we would work on next — and we love that. All of your ideas and feature requests are fed back directly to the product team, and while we can’t do everything for everyone at once, this plays a critical part in our planning. It’s especially exciting when we see a number of people requesting the same feature, so it’s always worth letting us know what would make your life easier on Revue.
For now, let’s move on to an example of a creator using Revue in inspiring ways…
Newsletter inspiration
We really like what Kyle Petzinger is doing with his newsletter, The Monday 6. Each week, Kyle pulls together six areas of discussion from around the internet that are useful, funny, or interesting — and every issue is guaranteed to offer something that sparks your interest. There’s a great variety of topics in there — from nuclear fusion to a video of an inconceivably rad orangutan. Check it out below!
The Monday 6
There’s a lot going on in the newsletter world at the moment. Stay up to date by perusing the next section…
The week in newsletters
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How newsletters have helped publishers build up their subscription businesses
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Litmus explains all you need to know about image blocking
Thanks for joining me this week. I’d love to hear if you have any further feedback or questions — feel free to get in touch by replying to this email.
Until next time,
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