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Subscribe from Tweets: Best practices

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Hi there,
On Friday, we announced an awesome new feature, one you’ve been asking for. It’s now possible to subscribe to Revue newsletters directly from Tweets. Check it out:
GIF showing someone subscribing to a newsletter from a Tweet
GIF showing someone subscribing to a newsletter from a Tweet
As you start using this feature, I wanted to share some of your responses so far, answer some questions, and offer some best practices to help you make the most of it.
Let’s go.
Your reactions
We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive responses since we announced this new feature. Here are just a few:
The Wolf Of All Streets
This is amazing. @revue making it easier for people to subscribe to my newsletter directly from Twitter.
Massimiliano Di Marco
One of the reasons I moved to Revue: the future deeper integration with Twitter. I like this new feature
Cathleen Cusachs
hmmmmm should I finally launch one of my many newsletter ideas now
…The answer is yes, Cathleen! Always yes.
It’s fantastic to see so many of you enthusiastic about using this. To help you use it even better, I’d like to answer a couple of questions we’ve seen pop up, then move on to ideas for making the most of the feature.
How exactly does the subscribe button work when I share an individual newsletter issue?
When you share a link to a Revue profile, a subscribe button will appear in the link preview immediately.
When you share a link to a Revue issue, the subscribe button doesn’t show immediately. It will appear for the reader once they’ve clicked through to read the issue online, then returned to their timeline.
This will also be the case for you as a newsletter writer — if you see your own Tweet on your timeline, you’ll need to click on the preview to open the issue before the subscribe button appears.
What if I run a paid newsletter on Revue as well as (or instead of) a free one?
When people subscribe from Tweets, they’ll be added as free subscribers to your list. They won’t receive your members-only issues. There currently isn’t a way to become a paying subscriber directly from Twitter, but we’re looking into how this could work in the future.
When will I see this on iOS and Android?
Lots of people use the Twitter app rather than navigating to the website on a laptop or desktop computer. We’re working hard to bring that feature to the iOS and Android apps soon.
How to make the most of this feature
Here are a few best practices to make sure your Revue links look beautiful on the timeline.
  • Make sure the link to your Revue profile or issue is the last thing you write in the Tweet. Twitter will show the link preview, but take the URL out of the Tweet text itself so as not to distract the reader. If you type something after the URL, the URL will stay, and the Tweet will look cluttered. Like this:
  • Don’t add any other media to your Tweet. If you add an image or GIF, that will override the link preview and the ‘Subscribe’ button won’t show.
  • Check your profile image on Revue. When you Tweet a link to your profile, Twitter will show your Revue profile image in the link preview. Double-check you’re happy with the image you have there, and that it works in connection with your newsletter.
  • Make sure to add an image to any issue you share. When you schedule or send an issue from Revue, you’ll have the opportunity to upload an image to accompany that issue when you share the link on social media. Learn how here.
  • Craft a great issue preview. Once you’ve added your issue image, make sure to write a great preheader (learn what that is, and how to write one, here). When you Tweet a link to an issue, Twitter will use your preheader as the preview text, like this:
As we see this feature take off, we’ll be pulling together even more tips and tricks to help you make the most of it. Have a play with it on web and let me know how you get on!
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That’s all from me today — I’ll see you next week!
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