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Subscribe from Tweets: A new feature for Revue writers

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Hi there,
I know you don’t normally hear from me on a Friday, but I’ve got something pretty great to announce:
📣 We’ve got big news. (You’re really going to like this.)

Starting today, your followers can subscribe to Revue newsletters directly from Tweets in their timeline.

This is already enabled for all Revue writers on desktop and mobile web, with iOS and Android to follow soon. ✨
This is all part of our mission to help you grow. We already made it possible for followers to subscribe to your newsletter directly from your Twitter profile. And now they can from Tweets as well, some with just one click.
One click, you say?
Yup, people who already have an email address linked to their Twitter account don’t need to confirm their subscription via email if they subscribe from a Tweet — they’ll be added straight to your list with a single click. That means no more double opt-in for some subscribers.
If they don’t have an email linked, we’ll guide them to your Revue profile page to subscribe.
And this will just… work?
Yes! Anyone who uses Revue will be able to benefit from this feature automatically — no need to tinker with settings or integrations. 
When anyone shares a link to a Revue profile page in a Tweet, people can subscribe directly from the preview in their timeline:
GIF showing someone subscribing to a newsletter from a Tweet
GIF showing someone subscribing to a newsletter from a Tweet
When anyone shares a link to one of your newsletter posts in a Tweet, and someone clicks on it in their timeline, a ‘Subscribe’ button will appear in the preview when they return to Twitter. 
The 'Subscribe' button will appear after someone clicks on the issue to read it
The 'Subscribe' button will appear after someone clicks on the issue to read it
When will this be available on the Twitter app?
At the moment, this feature is only available on desktop and mobile web — but we’re already working to bring this to iOS and Android. Look out for updates here and at @revue.
In the meantime, go ahead and try it out on web: 
  • Tweet a link to your profile page or to a specific issue.
  • Share your profile page in a Space you’re hosting.
  • End your threads with a link to your profile page.
As ever, we’d love your feedback. Let us know what you think by replying here.
Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Tuesday!
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Anna from Twitter
Anna from Twitter @revue

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