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things are happening.
It’s a big day for readers and writers on Twitter.
We’ve started testing a new way for writers to go beyond 280 characters: Notes. We’ve also introduced a new handle, @TwitterWrite. And we’re finding new ways to bring you inspiration and advice from writers using Twitter. 
Let’s dive in.
Writers helped build Twitter. Twitter is now, finally, building for writers
Today, we started to test a new composing experience on Twitter with a small group of writers. This test lets writers go longer than 280 characters, and publish directly on Twitter, for the first time. Those longer pieces of writing are called Notes.
Even though the test group able to write Notes is small at this time, people in most countries can read Notes in a beautiful, Twitter-native reading experience. You can also share Notes to the Twitter timeline, as well as link to Notes from anywhere else on the internet. Even people who don’t have Twitter accounts can read them.
We’re hoping to learn a whole lot during this test, which will help us decide when and how to roll Notes out more widely. In the meantime, keep an eye on @TwitterWrite — which brings us to the next point…
@TwitterWrite is here
Our @revue handle is evolving. Why? Because our focus has broadened — from just newsletters to the suite of tools for writing on Twitter (Notes, Revue, threads, Tweets).
That’s why we’re launching @TwitterWrite.
Twitter Write
Since 2015, this has been the home of @revue. Starting today, @revue is now a part of @TwitterWrite.
An important note: @TwitterWrite will do what the @revue handle used to do (you can still DM for support).
From time-to-time we may share Notes that writers in our test are publishing, but we’ll also share inspiring interviews with writers, much like the ones you’ve seen in past issues of this newsletter. During this test, we’ll continue publishing those interviews in read + write, so now you can find them on Twitter, as well as here in your inbox.
wrap up
A lot going on in this issue. Here’s a recap:
You won’t see an issue of read + write on Monday, but we’ll be back in July with more writer interviews. 
We’re really excited about these plans. Let us know what you think in a reply — or reach us at @TwitterWrite.
Until next time,
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Anna from Twitter
Anna from Twitter @revue

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