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Deborah Nwanguma
Deborah Nwanguma
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Hey you!!
How are you?
Listen to this lesson today.
One of the greatest things you’d learn on your journey to learning anything is how to imitate.
To copy.
To observe.
In learning how to write well, you must imitate other good writers.
It is in imitating that you finally find your voice.
How do you do that?
Find writers that are writing your genre.
Is it essay?
Choose some writers in that genre you are interested in and read their works.
In reading their works, try to observe how they write.
Study their sentences.
Imitate how they use their words.
Deliberately learn from them.
In doing this, you are honing your skills deliberately.
Don’t be afraid to imitate.
Don’t be afraid to learn from people ahead of you.
Have a wonderful week!
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Thanks for reading!
On December 1st, 2021, we are happy to let you know that Readersketch will be marking its first year anniversary.
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Deborah Nwanguma
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