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Have a Bank

Deborah Nwanguma
Deborah Nwanguma
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How are you? I’m great here.
I hope you have been writing?
Now, listen…
I think you should have a bank.
I’m sure you’re thinking now, what is she saying?
Have a bank of ideas.
Have a folder where you deposit your most random thoughts.
Your random ideas.
Have a book of topics.
They don’t have to make sense. But just write a lot of things down.
Because you’re human.
A bank of ideas helps you not to run out of what to write.
It keeps you tethered.
When you feel the block because you will, one day.
Open your bank and discover the treasures you have been storing.
I hope this is helpful?
Thank you!
We’ll talk soon!
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Deborah Nwanguma
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