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Broken people's playlist + Reading

Deborah Nwanguma
Deborah Nwanguma
Broken people’s playlist + Reading

How are you doing?
I told you last week that I was going to tell you about the book that I’ve been reading.
It’s called the Broken People’s Playlist by Chimeka Garricks. 
Do you care to tell me what you’re reading currently? 
This book that I was reading (I’m done by the way) happens to be a collection of beautiful, heartbreaking stories.
The stories are so relatable that in fact, a friend of mine says he can relate to 7 of them personally. 
Wow that’s a lot considering how tragic most of them were!
Anyhow, if you’re looking at something really fun to read, then go for it.
Apart from my book gist, there’s something I want to share with you.
Remember I’m your partner in learning how to read and write better?
You know how often we talk about writer’s block?
Oh I can’t write”
“It’s not flowing yet”
“I don’t have Inspiration”
Well, supposing this block is just a lack of basic preparation?
Maybe this block is because you haven’t read enough.
When I want to write poetry, I prepare myself by reading the works of Lucille and Maya.
When it’s time for essays, I read the works of Julian Shapiro and Paul Graham. 
If I don’t do these things and decide to write anyway, I’d encounter a block.
I’d face an inability to produce anything.
That’s it.
Before we see writer’s block as a huge challenge that besets writers, can we first tackle the issue of non-preparation? 
Yes . We can.
Read. Research.
Make notes.
That’s how to prevent a block!
Learnt something?
Let’s speak next week! 
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Click on the image to join the Readersketch Creatives Community that started yesterday
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Thank You For Reading!
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Deborah Nwanguma
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