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👋 The Final Issue of React Explained

React Explained
👋 The Final Issue of React Explained
By Jake Worth • Issue #30 • View online
Notes on the 30th and final issue of React Explained.

Final Issue
Hello subscribers, and welcome to the final issue of React Explained! It’s been a fun year of documenting this amazing community and sharing my perspective with you.
You are welcome to unsubscribe, or not. I will never email you again unless I decide to send another issue of this newsletter.
What's Next?
I’m winding down this newsletter, but the React.js community is winding up! Big things will continue to happen, and I’m excited to follow them with you.
If you’re looking for more React and JavaScript content, I have a few recommendations:
  • React Status: check out this excellent offering from the folks at Cooperpress. A well-written summary of the React news each week.
  • JavaScript Weekly: another outstanding resource from Cooperpress. They do great work.
  • Shawn Wang’s Newsletter: Shawn (@swyx) Wang’s writing is some of the best around; subscribe now!
  • Reddit /r/reactjs: I have to give a big thanks to the Reddit React community. I joined Reddit this year because of this group and found the people there to be curious, informed, and enthusiastic.
  • My blog: Okay, here’s my plug. Join me on my blog, where I’ve been writing since 2014 about programming and culture.
What I Learned
I created React Explained after reading Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days by Chris Guillebeau. I didn’t make money, but I did learn about how to develop and launch a product.
I’ve used React from the earliest days, and I’m a massive fan. And I still believe there’s ample opportunity for introductory-level courses and content. React continues to quietly introduce a series of revolutionary ideas, and depending on your technical foundation these ideas might take time and effort to absorb. I hope my newsletter helped, and I look forward to the continued work of others.
Creating a weekly newsletter is rewarding and hard work. There’s a direct correlation between the work you put in and the quality of the resource. As my professional life continues to evolve, I can’t justify that effort right now. I’m grateful to those who can.
Closing Thoughts
Thank you for subscribing to React Explained, and joining this experiment with me. I invite you to join me on Twitter, where I’ll keep learning in public and iterating. Take care.
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Jake Worth

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