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By Jake Worth

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Do you want to really (really!) learn React, while staying current on this exploding ecosystem? Subscribe to React Explained, a bi-weekly newsletter of amazing, curated React news and resources, simply explained. It’s free! Subscribe now.

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⚡️ Special Update

Hello! Thank you to everyone who followed React Explained, and has signed up since our final issue. I'm honored to have been part of your journey.This isn't spam! Just an update: I'm launching a newsletter from my personal blog, where I've been writing consis…


👋 The Final Issue of React Explained

Hello subscribers, and welcome to the final issue of React Explained! It’s been a fun year of documenting this amazing community and sharing my perspective with you.You are welcome to unsubscribe, or not. I will never email you again unless I decide to send a…


🧪 React Labs, More Server Components, and Events

"If you only want to know about what’s stable, read our blog — you won’t miss anything." –React Core Team


🎉 Relay Hooks, Noob Reflections, and State

"For me, the realization that 'failure is learning' runs a lot deeper than 'learning from your mistakes' and 'iterating until you get it right.' For me, it's liberation from perfectionism." –Adele Carpenter


💾 Memo Alternatives, React the Language, and Props

"I love the fact that React very clearly tells people that it is okay not to look at their new announcement right now and that it is also okay to do it at work in the new year. Devs, let’s fight FOMO together!" –@k_henhey


IDOM, Interfaces, and Rendering

"Zero config does not have to mean: impossible to configure/extend. It can mean: super defaults with a sensible and obvious override/extension strategy." – @kentcdodds


Visual Intro, TS and React, and JSX

"The goal of software design is to create chunks or slices that fit into a human mind. The software keeps growing but the human mind maxes out, so we have to keep chunking and slicing differently if we want to keep making changes." –Kent Beck


AWS UI, Tailwind, and Forms

"Technology is so cyclical between client and server." – @mgonto


More Server Components, Missing Abstractions, and Strict Mode

"React is such a good idea that we will spend the rest of the decade continuing to explore its implications and applications." – Guillermo Rauch


Beginner's Thread, Server Components, and Sprinkles of Interactivity

"Even if you haven’t accomplished the things you expected to at the start of this year, trust that setbacks and disruption are the norm rather than the exception, good times or bad, even on React." –Rachel Nabors, Inside the React Core team


React Survey, Hooks Revisited, and cloneElement

"I feel like Hooks are a more direct representation of React." –Dan Abramov, ReactConf 2018


New Docs, Hooks Revisited, and displayName

"We want to make the best place to grok React. We want to be there with you from the moment you make your first component, to well into your career as your React knowledge deepens and advances." –Rachel Nabors


New Transform, Rethinking Best Practices, and Uncontrolled Components

"Knowledge is power; it creates, reinforces and displaces power, all at the same time." – Zainab Bawa, Interview


CRA 4.0 Alpha, FB5, and Static Types

"If you’re interested in open source, here is one trick to try: contribute to a project where you know the maintainer in real life." –Flarnie Marchan, Interview


Recoil Implementations, React & Writing, and Index Keys

"[W]e were also talking about growth mindset at work, and it slowly dawned on me that if I wanted my students to believe that they could get better at web development, I should probably change my mindset as well." – Luna Ruan, Interview


MDN, State, and HOCs

"I would really recommend that you avoid using Context to solve simple prop-drilling problems, and focus first on composition." –Kent C. Dodds, React Rally 2020


Ts-migrate, Meta-Languages, and Context

"[W]ith Hooks, we wanted to avoid scaring people with half-baked ideas, so preceding the announcement we were more secretive about our ideas than I would have otherwise liked." –Sophie Alpert, Interview


React 17rc, Code as a UI, and Fragments

"Developers are your canary in the coal mine for user experience– because they create the damn things!" –Shawn Wang, Slack is Fumbling Developers


Undo, API Integrations, and Performance

"Some discussions we have as engineers, especially when DX does not facilitate good UX, I would say are kind of meaningless." –Tejas Kumar


Records & Tuples, GitHub Actions, and Refs

"When you don't know something, you don't have to end the answer with 'I don't know.' You can end the answer with, 'but I'm willing to invest the resources to find out.'" –Jonathan Cutrell, Developer Tea Podcast