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Re Newsletter - Issue #3

Re Newsletter - Issue #3
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This is the last version of ReNewsletter of 2020. Happy new year and hope for more re-newsletter in 2021.
In this edition is released in 18/12/2020 so if you has any post, new or tools relational with ReasonML, ReScript or OCaml add-in issue on Github.
Simple pomodoro application. Written in ReasonML and ReactJS.
One Introduction about caramel in Erlang VM
Find &. Replace the command-line interface written in Reasonml
This is started kit for working Advent of Code puzzle. You can clone it and build it with esy
This project shows how you can load and unload OCaml modules for a JIT
This live ReasonML Meetup has 2 talks:
  • OCaml on the BEAM
  • The needed introduction to writing a ppx


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