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By Faraz

Art, Me, Life, Wood, Rants, and everything that can casually work in an email newsletter.

Art, Me, Life, Wood, Rants, and everything that can casually work in an email newsletter.

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Raz Does Newsletter - Tomorrow Problems

Smoking KillsConsistency is a challenge. Showing up every day with the same rigor with no reward (thank you algorithm gods) is also a challenge. There's usually no reward at the end of the day besides rest. But not being crushed by consistency (or lack thereo…


Raz Does Newsletter -The Infinite House Mentality

Imagine your portfolio as a house. In this house, are your styles, mediums, messages, and other art you have, are, and will create. The house is endless - it will go on forever, and you know how to move from one part of the house to the next with ease. You ma…


Raz Does Newsletter - Instant Messages from the Universe

*additional note: theres very few places you can go to nowadays that are free. The library, currently, is still safe from government profit margins. To support them, simply set up a library card while you're there-took me 3 minutes. And ask for help to set up…


Raz Does Newsletter - Ah, Collage!

Im glad to have been able to go to college tho, and I think these are the things that helped me and my art the most:-Make friends; If I make art for people to see, I need to know what people will see, and how they see things. The more perspectives of people y…


Raz Does Newsletter - Media Instrumentality Project (pt1 of x)

Hey y'all! Hope alls going well.I've been thinking about art existing in an age of overstimulation (oVeRsTiMuLaTiOn, if you are eternally plagued w this). As usual. But this time, I've been thinking of art as a form of creation(corny, I know). And how the lea…


Raz Does Newsletter - A Case for Arson

I do not endorse destruction of physical property*.However. I do think we should be comfortable with burning our forests.Forest fires are historically devastating to both people and nature. Years of work building towards a goal can vanish in an instant. Each …


Raz Does Newsletter - Raz Does One-Yeariversary

Hello!It's almost been a year since I've started woodworking, and it has been quite the year. I chose to focus on my medium and craft, and was able to put a lot of myself out into the art world, and meet some amazing people during this time. Regardless of the…


Raz Does Newsletter - So the clay..is mating?

Hello y'all,Recently I've gotten back into my claymations! Yes, this is one of the veins of dated art mediums I like to use, and its honestly very fun to make this little bit of clay do little dancey dances~ I did them a lot throughout the start of the Covid …


Raz Does Newsletter - What Artists Hate the Most

Hellooo,Happy Wednesday! It feels like I just sent this out, but I return to your inbox yet again. So what do artists hate the most? Technology.Not really, but there's an incredible amount of hatred to any form of innovation in the real world. From the uproar…


Raz Does Newsletter - What A Relief!

Hello!A bedroom artist - usually a term to describe a musician who does everything from their bedroom - is the best way I describe myself as an artist. I wake up, go to my desk, and usually get to the next piece. Before this, I called myself a sculptor (It's …


Raz Does Newsletter - Wood you mind an intro email?

Hello!My name's Faraz (He/Him) and I'm the artist behind Raz Does Art. I'm 23 years old (Scorpio) Iranian-American who was born in Chicago and moved to the DMV (Maryland) when I was three, and grew up there until college. I've always been creating art, from d…