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RAW Newsletter
RAW Newsletter
Stay up to date with RAW DAO and everything happening in the NFT photography space.

  • Read more about the story behind Magnum Photos 75 and the five pieces recently acquired by RAW DAO
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  • Read our new article on Mirror about the history of the RAW logo
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In this issue’s Spotlight section, we bring you the story behind the launch of Magnum Photos 75.
Magnum 75 #53 by Bieke Depoorter.
Magnum 75 #53 by Bieke Depoorter.
Founded in 1947 during the aftermath of World War II and the beginnings of a new epoch, Magnum has embraced a diverse array of individual points of view to express a unique vision of the world. Whatever the driving force of the photographer’s motivations, their stories have always been told—and their visions always conveyed—through the lens of subjective expression, from the inside looking out.
The Magnum 75 collection is the inaugural NFT collection by Magnum Photos. Minted in 2022, the collection brings together works by 76 photographers taken across seven decades.
The first collection, Magnum 75, was revealed on Foundation on June 28th, coinciding with the agency’s 75th anniversary and its Annual General Meeting in New York.
The first collection has been curated by Alejandro Cartagena, RAW DAO founding artist and co-founder of Obscura and Fellowship Trust.
Cartagena says: “To look into Magnum’s vast archive is to look into the evolving history of photography as a language. For this selection, which marks the first steps of the agency into yet another horizon for photography with the emergence of blockchain technology, I decided to focus on the ingredients that make certain images stand out from the rest – the elements that all photographers should be aiming for. These 75 images celebrate not only the endurance of Magnum Photos but the quality that has made this longevity possible.”
RAW DAO has acquired five pieces from this amazing collection of important records of the world’s photographic history.
NFT Photography Roundup
📈 Top Photography NFTs by Volume (Last 30 Days):
1) DrifterShoot’s “Where My Vans Go” ➡️ 495.85 ETH
2) Dave Krugman “Drip Drop” ➡️ 154.36 ETH
3) Justin Aversano “Twin Flames” ➡️ 115.00 ETH
📊 Trending Collections: In this issue, we highlight some collections that have been picking up some steam for the last few weeks:
🤝 Notable Trades: Here are some notable trades that went through on the last 15 days:
  • Twin Flames #97 sold for 115.00 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #124 sold for 100.00 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #49 sold for 50.00 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #108 sold for 48.00 ETH
  • Smoke and Mirrors #26 sold for 37.00 ETH
Community Bulletin
🖼 Community Curation Season 05: In the fifth round of our Community Curation, three collections were selected by RAW members and will be announced next week.
Polls for selecting the pieces to be acquired from each collection are being held this week. Make sure to cast your vote in the 🎨 | curation-polls channel.
📸 Ad Hoc Acquisition: Using our Scout system, the RAW community has approved the acquisition of five pieces from the celebrated Magnum Photos 75 collection.
🔭 Scouts Election: New Scouts are currently being elected for the quarter. Five members will be chosen by majority vote and will hold the Scout role for the next 3 months before new elections will be held. Votes in this round must be cast by July 28th.
🪞RAW Reflections: The second entry in our blog has been posted! Following the last episode of our podcast RAW Review, Brileigh and Matthew bring us the story behind the RAW logo and its inception from the work of founding artist Carlo Van de Roer.
📄 RAW Surveys: Last chance to win a RAW membership (if you don’t already have one)! Our non-member survey is ending tomorrow. Results will be announced on our official Twitter account on July 27th 10 AM EDT.
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