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RAW Newsletter - Issue #7

RAW Newsletter
RAW Newsletter
Stay up to date with RAW DAO and everything happening in the NFT photography space.

  • Check out the story behind of one of our latest acquisitions
  • We just got the results of our 4th season of Community Curation. Congrats to all selected artists!
  • The 3rd episode of RAW Review is coming out this week.
  • Join us for our next Twitter Space with photographer Alec Soth this Thursday June 30th 4pm EDT
In this issue’s Spotlight section, we bring you the story behind one of the selected collections in our Community Curation Season 03: The Endings, by Caitlin Cronenberg.
Slow Burn, by Caitlin Cronenberg
Slow Burn, by Caitlin Cronenberg
This collection is made up of images from the highly anticipated photobook The Endings which was published in 2018 by Chronicle Books and became a best-seller within the first week. 
The Endings is a collection of short stories told through still photography, each depicting the moments surrounding the end of a romantic relationship. The photos are not posed, they are acted: a cross between a fashion photograph and a film still.
Featuring some of today’s most beloved actors, these piercing photographic vignettes capture female characters in the throes of powerful emotional transformations. Photographer Caitlin Cronenberg and art director Jessica Ennis collected stories of heartbreak, relationship endings, and new beginnings—fictional but often inspired by real life—and set out to convey the raw emotions that are exposed in those vulnerable states. Collaborating with celebrated talents such as Julianne Moore, Keira Knightley, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Cronenberg and Ennis developed each character, built her world, and then photographed as she lived the role before the camera. The resulting collection is a bold look at the experience of losing or leaving love and will speak to anyone who appreciates art, photography, and the strength of facing emotional depths head-on.
RAW DAO has added Slow Burn to our ever growing collection.
NFT Photography Roundup
📈 Top Photography NFTs by Volume (Last 30 Days):
1) Justin Aversano “Twin Flames” ➡️ 191.00 ETH
2) Quantum-Art-Curator “Quantum Unlocked” ➡️ 176.73 ETH
3) Justin Aversano “Smoke and Mirrors” ➡️ 167.26 ETH
💎 Collections With the Highest Floor Prices:
1) Justin Aversano “Twin Flames” ➡️ 222.00 ETH floor
2) DrifterShoot’s “Where My Vans Go” ➡️ 39.00 ETH floor
3) Justin Aversano “Smoke and Mirrors” ➡️ 33.33 ETH floor
🤝 Notable Trades: Here are some notable trades that went through on the last 15 days:
  • Twin Flames #73 - sold for 80.00 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #19 - sold for 40.00 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #12 - sold for 39.00 ETH
  • Smoke and Mirrors #39 - sold for 18.00 ETH
Community Bulletin
🖼 Community Curation Season 04: In the fourth round of our Community Curation, three collections were selected by RAW members:
Newsstands by Trevor Traynor
Soul Shapes by Ella Barnes
Buscando a Bolivar by Pietro Paolini
Polls for selecting the pieces to be acquired from each collection are being held this week. Make sure to cast your vote!
🏙 NFT.NYC: Our first IRL event was held during NFT NYC! RAW welcomed members and non members in New York for a photowalk led by founding artist Omar Robles. The event was followed by a RAW member dinner party hosted by RAW. A special thanks goes to our founding member Claudia Pawlak for putting it all together and helping us create an even more tight-knit and engaged community! 
🖼 Community Curation Updates: We made some tweaks to our Community Curation system in June. A proposal has been approved via Snapshot where members can find the details and new rules that will be in place for the following seasons.
🎙RAW Review: Episode 3 of our podcast is coming out this week with guest Carlo Van De Roer and the story behind the RAW logo. Make sure to subscribe on your favourite platform to get notified when it’s released and keep up with future episodes.
📄 RAW Surveys Are you not currently a member of RAW DAO? We are interested in learning more about you. If interested, please consider filling out our survey for a chance to win a RAW membership!
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