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RAW Newsletter - Issue #6

RAW Newsletter
RAW Newsletter
The best information on NFT photography out there.

  • Learn a bit more about one of the collections selected by our members last month: Some Kind of Heavenly Fire.
  • Our NFT.NYC event is coming up! Find more details below.
  • Check out the pieces acquired by RAW in the last round of our Community Curation.
  • The first ad-hoc acquisition using the Ad Hoc system has been executed!
  • RAW Reflections has been officially launched!
In this issue’s Spotlight section, we bring you the story behind one of the selected collections in our Community Curation Season 03: Some Kind of Heavenly Fire, by Maria Lax.
Heavenly Fire #11, by Maria Lax
Heavenly Fire #11, by Maria Lax
Maria Lax is a London based photographer originally from Northern Finland, a region isolated and surrounded by a vast wilderness.
Some Kind of Heavenly Fire tells the story of UFO sightings that occurred in her remote home town in the 1960’s, reimagining the mysterious lights people saw at the time, whilst exploring the history of the region and that of Maria’s family.
It wasn’t until Maria read her grandfather’s book that she discovered the incredible stories of supernatural events and struggle against hardship in what is largely a barren land.
The UFO sightings coincided with a time of great struggle for Northern Finland. People flooded from the countryside to the cities in search of jobs leaving abandoned houses scattered across the landscape. The sightings embodied a fear of the future, the unknown and the inexorable shift in lifestyles and livelihoods. Some reacted to the mysterious lights with fear, others took them as a sign they were not alone.
Some Kind of Heavenly Fire was published by Setanta Books in 2020 and has been exhibited worldwide, and we are proud to announce Heavenly Fire #11 as a part of RAW’s collection.
NFT Photography Roundup
📈 Top Photography NFTs by Volume (Last 30 Days):
1) DrifterShoot’s “Where My Vans Go” ➡️ 299.00 ETH
2) Justin Aversano “Twin Flames” ➡️ 275.99 ETH
3) Guido Di Salle - “Editios x Guido” ➡️ 238.95 ETH
💎 Collections With the Highest Floor Prices:
1) Justin Aversano “Twin Flames” ➡️ 150.00 ETH floor
2) DrifterShoot’s “Where My Vans Go” ➡️ 43.99 ETH floor
3) Justin Aversano “Smoke and Mirrors” ➡️ 19.70 ETH floor
🤝 Notable Trades: Here are some notable trades that went through on the last 15 days:
  • Twin Flames #99 - sold for 111 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #35 - sold for 43 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #12 - sold for 39 ETH
  • Smoke and Mirrors #64 - sold for 22 ETH
  • Smoke and Mirrors #73 - sold for 20 ETH
Community Bulletin
🏙 NFT.NYC: The RAW event is confirmed! We are having a Photowalk hosted by one of our founding artists, Omar Z. Robles which is open to members and non-members. If you are interested in taking part, please RSVP.
🖼 Community Curation: In the third round of our Community Curation, pieces from 4 collections were acquired by RAW:
New York, by Bruce Gilden
The Endinds, by Caitlin Cronenberg
One Sun, One Shadow, by Shane Lavalette
📸 Quantum S1 Set Acquisition: Last month, our Scouts triggered the first poll for an ad-hoc acquisition. With member approval, RAW has acquired a full set of the Quantum Season 1 bundle, including the right of a Quantum Key.
🎙RAW Review: Episode 2 of our podcast is now live! In this episode, we learn about Shane Lavalette discovering photography, NFTs & RAW DAO. Our co-hosts Brileigh and Matthew also discuss the formation of Assembly and Shane’s latest collection: One Sun, One Shadow.
🪞RAW Reflections: Our blog is now live! RAW Reflections is a publication about photographic art in the strange new world of NFTs, and our introductory post has been published last week.
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