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RAW Newsletter - Issue #5

RAW Newsletter
RAW Newsletter
The best information on NFT photography out there.

  • Get to know a bit more on Obscura’s Carousel Curated.
  • Check out this issues stats on the NFT Photography space.
  • Keep up with what’s going on in our Community Bulletin.
Today in the Spotlight section, we are taking a deeper look in Obscura’s Carousel Curated (an excerpt from the Obscura Journal).
Carousel Curated #1
Carousel Curated #1
Carousel Curated, Obscura’s first community project, features a collection of found slides minted as NFTs. Co-founded by Felix Denomme and Oliver Dahl, this ongoing project aims to become the world’s largest archive of found slides, immortalizing moments of the past onto the blockchain that were otherwise left to fade away. Each “drop” of curated, tagged, and cataloged slides will contain 80 photographs, matching the tray capacity of the original Kodak Carousel.
Felix and Oliver met within the NFT photography community after being selected for Obscura’s WHO WE ARE grant and discovered their mutual interest in found slides. Both had the idea to launch their own NFT collection and decided to come together to create a collection of found slides that anyone could contribute to.
Found slides typically date back to the mid-late 20th century, a time just before the internet was invented and mass adopted. Oliver mentions that one of the goals of Carousel Curated is to “preserve and transport slides from the pre-internet age directly into web3 on the blockchain.” By merging the past and present, this ongoing collection will rescue abandoned slides by combining them with the emergence of NFTs, preserving them long beyond their physical shelf life.
RAW has now 4 great additions to our growing collection: Carousel Curated #1, #16, #23 and #60.
NFT Photography Roundup
📈 Top Photography NFTs by Volume (Last 30 Days):
1) DrifterShoot’s “Where My Vans Go” ➡️ 302.72 ETH
2) Justin Aversano “Twin Flames” ➡️ 244.99 ETH
3) Women Unite - 10k Assemble ➡️ 166.82 ETH
💎 Collections With the Highest Floor Prices:
1) Justin Aversano “Twin Flames” ➡️ 111 ETH floor
2) DrifterShoot’s “Where My Vans Go” ➡️ 46 ETH floor
3) Justin Aversano “Smoke and Mirrors” ➡️ 16.69 ETH floor
🤝 Notable Trades: Here are some notable trades that went through on the last 15 days:
  • Where My Vans Go #82 - sold for 52 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #64 - sold for 47 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #36 - sold for 43 ETH
  • Smoke and Mirrors #16 - sold for 17 ETH
Community Bulletin
🖼 Community Curation: These are the last days of this cycle of the Community Curation, so we are holding polls to decide which pieces to acquire. Cast your vote and join the party!
🏙 NFT.NYC: Our event is taking shape! If you are going to be in NYC and would like to take part in our first IRL event, fill out this form to know more!
✅ RAW Member Survey: We want to know you better! We are sending out our member survey later this week. Let us know a bit more about you and your thoughts on the DAO!
🎙RAW Review Podcast: The next episode of RAW Review is coming out next week, don’t miss out!
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