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RAW Newsletter - Issue #3

RAW Newsletter
RAW Newsletter
The best information on NFT photography out there.

  • RAW DAO has acquired another significant piece. Learn a bit more about STRONG HAIR : 089 : ፹፱.
  • We successfully finalized acquisitions from our first round of the Community Curation. Come check the winners out!
  • Our second round of Decentralized Compensation has been executed. Learn more and contribute to be a part of it next month!
  • Check our Community Bulletin, specially dedicated to our members for important developments within the DAO.
This issues’ Spotlight section is dedicated to our recent acquisition from the Yatreda Art Collective, where we’ll take a look at the story behind STRONG HAIR.
STRONG HAIR : 089 : ፹፱, by Yatreda
STRONG HAIR : 089 : ፹፱, by Yatreda
Yatreda is all about nostalgia. The inspiration for the project is always trying to balance something new - like blockchain technology - to preserve and present something old, such as classic legends of the past. This mix of old and new is to say the timeline of our history doesn’t end, these stories are not finished. They belong to the past but also belong to us today - the art is about rediscovering our original selves once again.
In Ethiopia, hair is a sculpture full of meaning. Sometimes just by looking at someone, you can identify their nation or tribe. Hair can be a social signal, or a status symbol. Certain styles are for unmarried women, others are only for mothers.
STRONG HAIR captures that diversity and the power of the African hair. The group travelled all around Ethiopia to some of the most remote regions, creating motion portraits of 100 different hairstyles.
When a hairstyle is lost, we lose an expression that may never be repeated again: we are really losing a visual language. RAW is now part in preserving the richness of this amazing culture through NFT photography.
RAW News
🖼 Community Curation: To start our Community Curation with a bang, we increased the number of acquired collections this first round. Instead of only 3, check out who were our 5 winners:
STRONG HAIR, by Yatreda
SK876, by Grayson Lauffenburger
City, by Omar Z. Robles
Polyarnye Nochi, by Simon Roberts
Guadalupe, by Amanda Lopez (shout out to @homerfan33)
💰Decentralized Compensation: We just held our second round of Decentralized Compensation. Members were in charge of recognizing each others contributions and assign votes accordingly. Help in our monthly goals to have your slice of the pie!
🎙The RAW Podcast: RAW has launched a new initiative this month: RAW Review, a new series interviewing artists, collectors, and other DAO members. In our first episode we talked with one of our founding artists, Justin Aversano. Stay tuned for our first episode this week!
💻 Website upgrade: The new website is taking shape! At the end of this month, RAW will release a new design of the RAW website to share with friends so they can get a better understanding of RAW DAO.
📈 New Members: Another month of double digit growth in member count. Since our last issue, we have had a 13% increase in our members, coming to 378 verified RAW DAO members. Welcome everyone!
Community Bulletin
📞 Community Curation Calls: In this season, we held dedicated calls to discuss nominated collections for the Community Curation vote. They were held on weeks 2 and 3, and are going to happen in every round going forward. Take part on it an be an informed voter!
📞 Weekly Marketing Calls: We also started having weekly Marketing Calls. They happen every Monday at 10 AM EDT. Come join us in shaping our communication efforts!
✉️ Newsletter Community Input: We are trying to make the newsletter redaction more embracing of what happens in our community. If you think there’s something we missed and should be communicated to members, speak up at the # 📣 | marketing-pr channel with your suggestions.
🔭 Scouts Election: Following the approval of the proposal for the creation of the Scout role, our election has taken place. Elected members will keep the role for the next 3 months, when new votes will be cast.
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RAW Newsletter
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