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RAW Newsletter - Issue #2

RAW Newsletter
RAW Newsletter
This is the second issue of our RAW Newsletter, where we give you a glimpse of what is going on in our DAO. Members who are not able to keep up with the action on our Discord can catch up here!

Need-to-Knows ⚠️
📜 The RAW Reform Act: Our most significant development of March has been the elaboration and approval of the RAW Reform Act (RRA), consisting of 3 foundational proposals which will direct and organize our DAO:
  1. Strategic plan
  2. Organizational design
  3. Compensation model
🖼 Community Curation: You’re in charge! On the first week of March we began the first season of our Community Curation. Members nominated and voted on collections to be acquired by the DAO. The 3 most voted will become part of our collection, and new seasons will take place every month. Stay tuned and come join the party! All curation will now be decided by the community.
📞 Members Call: Our members call is now weekly! The calls are held every Tuesday at 12 pm EDT, and are a great opportunity for members to stay up to date, provide feedback and bring in new ideas and suggestions. If you missed the last one, you can keep up by listening to the recordings.
📈 New Members: Since the publication of Issue #1, we have had an almost 10% increase in our members count, coming to 334 verified RAW DAO members. Welcome everyone!
💸 Recent Acquisitions: During the tenure of our last curation committee, we acquired 26 pieces, from 7 different collections. Check every single one of them in our Announcements channel, or in our official twitter account.
🎁 DT | Luiz Donation: One of our founding members DT | Luiz has gifted RAW with 6 amazing artworks from two of the most important collections in the photography NFT space: Twin Flames and Carpoolers. We’d like to acknowledge and express gratitude in the name of the RAW Community!
What We're Working On 🔨
Community Curation: After the success of the inaugural round of our Community Curation system, many ideas have emerged on how to improve it. We’ll continue to tinker with the process to make it the best decentralized curatorial system in the world, with a vision to build a custom interface which would be the first of its kind!
Marketing: Following our new goals for 2022, we are working on a Strategic Marketing Plan that will guide our communication efforts. Keeping in mind our intention of becoming a lighthouse on the photography NFT space, we’ll focus on presenting the RAW brand to an ever-widening audience.
Governance: Enhancing transparency within the DAO is a key step in improving our governance system, and making our goals clearer for the community is a big part of it. Having them publicly stated has already increased our member engagement and focus. Come check them out, choose your favorite to work on, and get rewarded in our decentralized compensation system!
Spotlight 🔦
Our Spotlight section is now dedicated to taking a closer look on one of our acquired collections. This time around: Behold The Ocean, by Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah (also known as Ava Silvery).
oceanographic sensors, by Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah
oceanographic sensors, by Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah
Behold the Ocean is the first NFT photography project of its kind: Akosua is funding a climate change-relevant scientific expedition to the southernmost point of the Americas: Cape Horn.
With web3 technology and community, Behold The Ocean revolutionizes how science is funded, communicated, and accessed. After returning from the ocean, the expedition will publish and mint climate-change relevant data on chain, open access and free to use for the global society: scholars, artists, human beings. 
The collection is an artistic exploration of two marine researchers’ working conditions in Chilean Patagonia. They travel by simple boat across the Strait of Magellan to the Santa Inés glacier to study the effects of climate change on the marine ecosystem. The work foregrounds the subjectivity of the two young scientists and tells of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on climate research.
Akosua’s goal is to create a self-sufficient cycle of art and science where both serve as a vehicle for one another, while empowering collectors to become part of a revolutionary project that bridges the gap between climate research and society.
RAW is proud to be a part of this initiative, and the innovative concept of funding scientific research through the collection of amazing photography.
The 3 pieces acquired by RAW are mixotroph, oceanographic sensors and History.
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