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RAW Newsletter - Issue #11

RAW Newsletter
RAW Newsletter
Stay up to date with RAW DAO and everything happening in the NFT photography space.

In this issue’s Spotlight section, we bring you the story behind one of the selected collections from Community Curation Season 06: Selected People, by Pelle Cass
'Frog Pond, Summer', by Pelle Cass
'Frog Pond, Summer', by Pelle Cass
Pelle Cass is an award-winning photographer from Boston whose work has been widely exhibited, collected, and published. And the Boston area is the place he chose to photograph this collection: Selected People.
In a quick glance, you may not realize anything out of the ordinary in some of his photos. But with a bit more attention, you perceive some details that cannot simply be a coincidence, like the one where every subject’s foot is an inch or so above the next step of a staircase.
Cass achieves that by creating a collage, of sorts. He sets his tripod in a public area, and takes hundreds of photos of the same spot. Back in his studio, he identifies patterns or subjects he likes, and organizes them in a single frame. The result is the condensation of hours in a single moment, bringing a notion of time to his work.
In his own words: “The photographs in Selected People are fabrications that are also truthful documents. These composite photographs are scrupulously additive: I’ve changed nothing in the original scene, only selected what to keep in and what to leave out. My work shows a particular place over time and reveals a surprising world–sometimes orderly, sometimes chaotic–that is visible only with a camera.”
RAW DAO is happy to announce that Frog Pond, Summer is now part of our ever-growing collection.
NFT Photography Roundup
📈 Top Photography NFTs by Volume (Last 30 Days):
1) Justin Aversano “9dcc ITERATION-01 looks” ➡️ 115 ETH
2) DrifterShoot’s “Where My Vans Go” ➡️ 93 ETH
📊 Trending Collections: In this issue, we highlight some collections that have been picking up some steam for the last few weeks:
🤝 Notable Trades: Here are some notable trades that went through on the last 30 days:
  • Twin Flames #5 sold for 55.50 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #5 sold for 46.69 ETH
  • Where My Vans Go #44 sold for 46.00 ETH
Community Bulletin
🖼 Community Curation Season 06: Season 06 has been finalized and the following works were chosen by the RAW community:
Frog Pond, Summer by Pelle Cass
Luna by Eman Ali
They are all now part of our growing collection!
🗳 Ongoing Votes: We have two ongoing votes that need your attention! Help us reach quorum in these two curation polls that are being held right now for Ad Hoc acquisition proposals!
⚡️ The Merge: As most of you are aware by now, The Merge has been a success! Now all ETH transactions run in a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, reducing energy consumption by 99.95%. This is a giant step for the NFT community as a whole, and we are really excited for this new era! Learn a bit more about the technical side in this podcast.
📣 We want to hear you: Do you have an interesting take on what the Ethereum Merge will mean for photography NFTs? Please share it with us at our official channels: RAW DAO Twitter, our Discord Server.
🎙 RAW Review: Episode 5 of our podcast is now live! In this episode of the RAW Review, Matthew and Brileigh are joined by Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah, also know as Ava Silvery, and talk about many subjects, including her personal story and her thoughts on web3. Akosua is an internationally exhibited and published artist, with works from her project Behold The Ocean collected by RAW DAO.
🪞RAW Reflections: The fourth entry in our blog has been posted! In this article, Brileigh and Matthew talk about photography and collecting with RAW DAO member Homerfan33. Check it out and get to know a bit more about one of our members!
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