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RAW Newsletter - Issue #1

RAW Newsletter
RAW Newsletter
In pursuit of photographic bliss.

September 20: Set 1 #1 by Carlo Van der Roer
September 20: Set 1 #1 by Carlo Van der Roer
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This is the debut of our RAW Newsletter, where we’ll be summarizing all of the stuff you need to know from our DAO, so that you can keep up even when absent from the action in our Discord.
Maintaining a high standard of governance is of extreme importante to us, and keeping all members informed and happy is a cornerstone of that mission.
It’s been a wild ride and we’ve barely hit two months of age. So bear with us while we do a brief review of things past!
Many thanks to all the members and artists who were not only critical to the accomplishments listed herein, but also to the very drafting of this newsletter.
Important Developments
🎉The PartyBid: The community PartyBid on Justin Aversano’s legendary Twin Flames #49 bootstrapped the RAW DAO treasury with 871ETH. At the time of sale this was valued at $3,614,650, the 8th most expensive photography sale in history and the most expensive NFT photograph. The piece now resides on and trades under the $FLAMES token.
📈$RAW token: following the PartyBid, 625 separate addresses received our $RAW token airdrop, with 457,818.7 tokens distributed in total. A few weeks in, the community approved the creation of a Liquidity Pool. The vote took place in December, adding liquidity to $RAW in Uniswap. The DAO treasury provided 120ETH and 125k $RAW tokens to the pool. As of the writting of this letter, 500 $RAW traded for about 1.3 ETH, for a market cap of 8,017.92 ETH, or about $25mm.
📊Community: Our discord already has a vibrant and ambitious community of over 2,200 people with 307 verified DAO members. Dedicated channels have been created to effectively tackle our community goals and a Clarity workspace has been set up to further organize our efforts. Members can actively contribute by drafting their own proposals or working on ongoing activities.
🎨Curation: A provisional curation committee has been formed, composed of 4 founding artists and 6 collectors. Through the month of December, the committee has made the first acquisitions of the DAO. In January, the committee will rotate to allow participation of new members from the community.
💰2022 Budget: The budget proposal for 2022 has been voted and approved by the community. Our treasury will be divided in 5 main portions: Curation (47% of total treasury), Liquidity Pool (14%), Compensation (14%), Marketing (6%) and Buffer (18%). Further details on the proposal can be found on our Snapshot.
🪅Raffle: Some of our Founding Artists have stepped up and gifted the community with some of their artwork. Our raffle has been held and the prizes have been distributed to some of our lucky members. Congrats winners!
📞Members Call: To enhance community integration and deepen the discussion around our goals as a DAO, on December 2nd we had our first Members Call. Members who couldn’t participate can keep up by listening to the recording.
What We're Working On
The Community Collection: A proposal is being drafted to vote on a new method for curatorial decisions: The Community Collection. The new mechanism would consult the broad community through a democratic process, and is another step towards a truly decentralized curation protocol.
Compensation: We’re working hard to draft a new compensation model that will provide proper long-term incentives to those members who have been exceeding expectations and delivering consistent, high-quality work.
Marketing: We’re exposing RAW DAO and our collected artists to an ever-widening audience. Our Twitter has over 7,400 followers at the time of writing, and makes announcements on acquisitions as well as hosting regular Twitter Spaces for the discussion of photography. A provisional website is also in the works to provide basic information about RAW.
Analytics: A number of steps are being taken to improve transparency in the DAO. We’ve created a dashboard to view the current allocation of $RAW and respective voting rights. We are also programming a Dune Analytics page to display live financial information, and a private database for accounting. Our NFT holdings can be tracked via this link.
Acquisitions: Our curation committee has made the first acquisitions of the DAO. Here’s a closer look on our first pieces:
  • Reimagining Black Gold by Diana Sinclair marks the first purchase from within our own community. An artist and curator based in NYC as well as a cofounder of HerStory DAO. Their artwork ‘centers identity, self-exploration, and social justice.’
  • Where My Vans Go #85 by Driftershoots has also been added to the vault. ‘Isaac Wright is an Army Special Operations veteran who began shooting photography to cope with mental illness.’ His work has quickly come to embody the liberal ethos of the space, seeking absolute freedom in the face of a resisting authority.
  • Serce Matki #5, by Claudia Pawlak, was next. “Serce Matki” (Mother’s Heart), or alternatively titled, “Most Importantly, Love Your Mother”, is a photographic body of work created during 2019 which explores the evolution of the mother-daughter relationship from co-dependency to two self-sustaining women.
  • What followed was a set of acquisitions from Founding Artist Carlo Van de Roer. The 3 pieces are part of different but equally impressive projects: Longitude 60 East, The Portrait Machine #24 and September 20: Set 1 #1.
  • The last acquisition of 2021 was a set of pieces from Founding Artist Chadwick Tyler, from his ongoing series titled “God’s People”. Chadwick explores his cultural, political and personal roots through his candid record of portraits, landscapes and still life.
  • 2022 has started and so did our acquisitions. Our first of the year was also from one of our Founding Artists, Michelle Viljoen. “From The Other Side” is an ongoing photo series that looks at moments captured through windows across the globe.
  • And our most recent acquisition was a set of three pieces by Kris Graves, from the “A Southern Horror” series. During the summer of 2020, in the context of the peaceful protests that followed the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, Kris Graves photographed memorials, monuments, and sites of the antebellum South and the Confederacy. Southern Horror #78, Southern Horror #94 and Southern Horror #139 are now part of our collection.
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