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Rarible Protocol's weekly newsletter - Issue #3
By Rarible Protocol • Issue #3 • View online
We are in the 2nd week of the AcceleRari program! Also, be informed with the latest NFT news and get inspired by some cool reads and tweets.

🚀 AcceleRari - week 2
We are in the 2nd week of the AcceleRari program! This week, we’ll host a Twitter Spaces session with Liteflow, one of the early adopters of the Protocol, and Idol NFT, a candidate that will pitch their project to win an AcceleRari pass.
Rarible Protocol
🎙 Next up on #AcceleRari is @Liteflowcom—leading white-label #NFT Marketplace solution for businesses

Tune in this Wed @ 2pm GMT -4 to hear their innovative ideas, and get a chance to ask your questions. ⚡️

📍 Set your reminders here: https://t.co/XqsYVZY5lB https://t.co/xKvSEEtUG8
To learn more about AcceleRari, and submit your project, visit https://join.accelerari.xyz/ and don’t forget to set your reminders for the next Twitter Spaces here.
🗞️ NFT News
Rarible Protocol now supports Immutable X - Users will be able to access high-quality gaming content on IMX. 🔥
GameStop just created a wallet for crypto and NFTs - video game retailer GameStop launched the beta version of its very own non-custodial Ethereum wallet.
Mirror taps Optimism for new writing NFTs - Web3 blog platform Mirror now lets writers sell their essays as NFTs.
Ethereum Name Service hits all-time high in monthly revenue - It’s been a record-breakingly good month for ENS domain name registrations as revenue tops $8m.
Audi launches novel fractional NFT - The NFTs are fractions of a single piece of art, The Art of Progress. The digital artwork is being sold for €50,000 but in fractions of €50.
Milady NFTs plummet as founder comes clean - Charlotte Fang’s mea culpa didn’t have too much of an effect on the price of Miladys.
Hackers steal 29 Moonbirds valued at $1.5 million in NFT phishing attack - The attack has been linked to a Twitter user approaching NFT holders for private trades.
CryptoPunks floor price drops below $100,000, down 50% from last month - CryptoPunks floor price has fallen below 50 ETH.
Former OnlyFans execs set to launch influencer NFT trading card app - Two former OnlyFans executives are launching Zoop, a platform for trading NFT playing cards featuring celebrities and influencers.
PoolTogether launches NFT sale to fund ongoing litigation - PoolTogether is a defendant in a class action lawsuit against the company as well its investors.
📚 Cool Reads
🐦 Interesting Tweet
4156 ⌐◨-◨
CC0+NFT does for media what bitcoin did for currency: it transforms an adversarial game into a co-operative one
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