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Rarible Protocol's weekly newsletter - Issue #2

Rarible Protocol's weekly newsletter - Issue #2
By Rarible Protocol • Issue #2 • View online
Rarible Protocol’s new accelerator program is here, Ledger Connect <> Rarible Protocol, fresh NFT news, cool reads.

🚀 Introducing: AcceleRari
We are stoked to announce the debut of AcceleRari, an accelerator program designed to help projects significantly increase their time-to-market, working together with Rarible.
Rarible Protocol
Calling all the devs and creators! 🗣

⭐️ If you're looking for a platform to build on, you're in luck—pitch your project on AcceleRari to win our exclusive AcceleRari Pass (plus lots in grants and support). 🧢

Register here:
Rarible Protocol will host 9 weekly Twtitter Spaces sessions, starting on May 25th at 2pm EST. In the first part of these sessions, successful projects built on the Protocol will discuss their work, and their experience building on it. In the second part, a selected project will have the chance to pitch to the Rarible Protocol team and win the allotted prizes.
If you have been working on a great project and are interested in signing up for the program, access AcceleRari’s website and fill in the form!
🚢 Project Update: Ledger Connect
Ledger has recently announced its newest product Ledger Connect, the first browser extension that has been designed from the outset to work with a Ledger hardware wallet.
Ledger Connect’s team has successfully integrated into Rarible Protocol, and will start supporting NFTs management on multiple blockchains.
Check out their official announcement! 👇
Ledger will be launching its own browser extension!

With Ledger Connect, you'll be able to easily & safety connect your Ledger accounts directly to Web3 apps via desktop or mobile – on the go.

Intrigued? Sign up for the beta waiting list now!
🗞️ NFT News
CryptoPunks V1 now have their own community marketplace - Powered by Rarible Protocol. 🔥🔥🔥 
Spotify starts trialing NFTs on its platform - Selected US-based users will be able to see the NFTs of some artists on the platform.
Universal Music Group to release NFTs on LimeWire’s Algorand Marketplace - The major music label will let artists drop NFTs on the new Web3 version of LimeWire.
Getty Images to launch first NFTs on Palm through Candy Digital - The stock photo powerhouse is breaking into the world of photography NFTs.
Napster joins Limewire and Winamp by jumping on the web3 bandwagon - other web3 music startups have let musicians release albums and singles as NFTs, so perhaps expect something similar in Napster’s reimagined future? 👀
Robinhood developing non-custodial crypto wallet - The wallet will offer the ability to store and trade cryptocurrencies and will support NFTs.
Linktree is rolling out new features to allow creators to showcase their NFTs - The company has revealed a set of new features that will allow creators to showcase their NFTs and “build a community around ownership.”
Aave’s decentralized social media platform arrives on Polygon - Each creator gets their own “profile” NFTs that link to their followers and communities.
Azra Games raises $15 Million for play-and-earn RPG with NFTs - The company hasn’t yet decided which blockchain it will be building on.
📚 Cool reads
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