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Randy's Changelog v5

Randy's Changelog v5
Hope you’ve had a great week :)
For what’s supposed to be a weekly Sunday letter, this sure ain’t lookin too Sunday-y.
I WILL HIT PUBLISH NEXT WEEK ON SUNDAY. If I don’t, I give you all permission to roast me in the replies.
I listened to a great podcast episode this week with Joshual Waitzkin.
Found a really nice takeaway nugget in there about ending the day with a really solid work session mid-problem. You then go to sleep and let your subconscious do its thang, then wake up and get straight back into it.
I butchered that explanation, but would definitely recommend listening to the episode yourself if you’re curious.
Next up, Kanban boards are really something else…
Recently, I’ve kinda been dismissing apps like Trello, but there’s something really beautiful and practical when it comes to visualising your work.
I managed to stumble across these notes by Tasshin on two different Kanban books:
^ those are pure bloody gold
Combining that with this concept of mood-first productivity, and I’ve got myself one hell of a personal Kanban board.
the app is TickTick if you're curious
the app is TickTick if you're curious
My takeaway from mood-first productivity was - organise your your todo list by context.
The last thing I want to see when I’m just chillin out and doing some writing is all the other tasks I’ve got to do. I just want to see the ones that I can act on right now, given my current frame of mind, and pull from that.
Out of sight, out of mind.
In sight, in the mind.
(I love how links are just auto generated every time I type hehe)
I wrote an article this week about a big transition I’ve been thinking about recently. Let me know if you’ve got any lingering questions in your mind if you end up reading it, would love to hear from ya.
I’ve still got some clarifying to do in terms of goals & general vision with the new site before I make the final transition, but I’m just about ready.
My basic setup for this new busking at scale approach should be ready to rumble over here.
I wouldn’t be mad if you “tested” out the system ;)
I’m just going to be using DonorBox instead of trying to fuck around with payments via Stripe/PayPal again (learnt that lesson the hard way). If I had have known this existed in the first place, it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble lol.
/game dev writing
Honestly, I just wasn’t feeling game dev this week. It was a combination of a couple of things.
1) I never really managed to get unstuck after last week, the motivation wasn’t really there.
2) The writing course I’m taking at the moment has been ramping up quite a bit in intensity. I’m starting to break a bit of a sweat.
I spent pretty much the entirety of this week writing and rewriting that article I shared before. I’m really just getting started when it comes to this whole writing thing so it was probably a lot more effort than it should’ve been.
At least I got it done in the end though, I was very proud of myself after slapping the publish button.
Man, wordpress is so fucking amazing.
I’ve decided to put the game project on pause while I finish the rest of this course, which’ll wrap up in a couple of weeks.
Until then, that whole base building problem is just going to be simmering in the back of my mind. Let’s hope the subconscious works its magic.
/ end
Just a quick one this week.
I’ve really gotta get out of the mindset that these newsletters have to be “perfect”, and instead just ship them on time each week.
- randy
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