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Randy's Changelog v3

The Changelog v3
Hope you’ve had an excellent week - send through ya biggest win if you’re keen on sharing it.
I’ve gotten a new site up and running:
It’s another long story, but my goals with this new site are simplicity, stability, and ease of use above all else (hence the wordpress).
I’ve also released a little update regrading a big change at the centre of my life. You can read about it here.
That’s been rummaging around my mind ever since I quit live streaming late last year. If you’ve got any thoughts or questions that spring to mind about it I’d be keen to hear em.
I wouldn’t really say I’m aiming to be a Polymath, I just want more of a holistic approach to my content.
Here’s the article that inspired me to write about it.
A week ago I arrived in central Australia. I’m spending some time here to take a cohort-based writing course and get some solid work done on the new game.
It’s so quiet.
I’ve been slipping into a pretty great routine.
For one, I’ve picked up learning math again. It’s the first time I’ve touched Brilliant since back when I was still streaming.
Still going back over the basics hehe.
I’ve found it to be an awesome pre-workout for the brain before a nice lil programming sesh. 5 days in so far, let’s hope the habit stick this time around.
If you’re keen on giving it a whirl yourself, you could use my affiliate link here for a bit of a cheeky discount (and some kickback on my end).
As for the game, it’s coming along pretty great.
This week I’ve implemented some proper physics for tree chopping, which was made piss-easy with Unity’s physics system.
(I believe they just use Box2D, but I could be mistaken.)
You can now split the tree into logs, which’ll act as your building materials.
Feel free to skip this section if you don’t fuck with the 1’s and 0’s
Since there’s a few actions starting to pop up now, I’ve gone about setting up a state machine.
Unity has a pretty cool built-in animation state system, but I didn’t find it too friendly for implementing actual state-based logic.
Transitions, parameters, behavior scripts, it all just felt like too many steps. In practice it just felt odd using it for an actual state system, I can see how it’d be really useful for animation blending though.
So I sought out some proper script-based state machines. The advice I came across didn’t feel too good either. There was so much polymorphism it had me gagging.
I opted for a few simple switch statements on an enum state instead of scattering the logic into 4 different corners of the universe.
Time will tell if this was a fool’s errand, but I’ve got a feeling it’ll do just fine (even with a bit of complexity).
I’m sure I’ll receive some passionate replies to this, but if you’ve got the experience, go ahead.
All in all, I’m pretty excited.
Excited about the game, excited about writing, excited about this newsletter, excited about life.
Now that I think about it, I’m kinda in the middle of a rework on my existence. Rebuilding my content and starting from scratch. Optimising for the long-run with consistency front and centre.
Consistency and generalisation sound like they’d be tricky to reconcile, but that’s a topic for another day.
Until then,
Take care (:
- randy
P.S - I’d love to hear your thoughts on the change of style. The last letter felt a little too robotic and specialised for my taste ;)
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