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Randy's Changelog v1.15

Today I’m sitting at my final coworking spot for the week after trying out 5 different places. I’ve settled on a top 3 and it’s gonna be a tricky decision trying to pick one out.
BWork Canggu (just working in the cafe bc a day pass cost $25 - fuck that lol)
BWork Canggu (just working in the cafe bc a day pass cost $25 - fuck that lol)
Sounds like a tomorrow problem though, here’s what I’ve been up to this week.
That’s the first week here in Bali done and dusted, it feels like it’s been a month but I’ve slowly but surely been getting my bearings and settling into a good routine.
I’ve gotten very comfortable with living the hostel life, so much so that I’ve just booked another hostel for 2 more weeks. My hunch when staying at my first one in Darwin was right:
What’s the point in spending a lot of money on accommodation when you’re gonna be unconscious 90% of the time?”
It was actually more right than I initially thought, I didn’t even account for the immaculate vibes.
It’s so easy to just chill in the main living area and unwind after a long day. It’s impossible to not make friends when staying in a hostel and you can just as easily retreat away and get some chill alone time.
I’m sleeping like a baby now and it just feels completely normal. It’s amazing how fast our monkè brains can adapt to new situations.
The one thing I’ve picked up on pretty quickly here though is that there’s always people going out.
Every. Single. Night.
This clearly wouldn’t be sustainable for me long-term, so I had to learn to say no and give FOMO a bit of a slap in the face.
If people are going out every night, then there’ll always be tomorrow.
Once a week seems like a good interval for me though, so Friday nights will get a lil rowdy - just like this last Friday did.
I’ve never been a massive beer guy, but I sucked down a bunch of Bintangs (the local beer) like they were going outta style.
In the moment it was a great idea, but come Saturday morning I definitely paid the price.
In the past, I’ve only really gotten drunk because I felt like I relied on it to have a good time.
Recently though, I’ve been doing a lot more night outs completely sober. I’ve found that I can just as easily get into a good groove without forcing my liver to work overtime.
After waking up Saturday morning, I’m now completely convinced that alcohol is a scam.
Why sacrifice my health and wallet when I can achieve the same outcome sober?
So I’m gonna go completely dry for the rest of my stay here. I’m writing this in here to give myself some accountability.
If I fail, I give y'all full permission to track me down and backhand the shit outta me.
That should do the trick :)
Each week when I successfully hold off though, I’d like to receive some firm digital handshakes.
^ same goes for caffeine as well. If I’m relying on any kind of drug to regulate my mood, my livelihood is tied to external things - and I don’t want that.
He says as he confidently sips his iced mocha.
It was a pretty shitty iced mocha tbh - seems like a solid page to close the book of caffeine on.
I’ve quit caffeine in the past relatively easily, but my mistake has always been allowing a moderate amount into my life. Once a week always turns to twice a week, twice turns to thrice, thrice turns to daily reliance.
So there goes alcohol and caffeine - completely cutting them outta my life for the next couple of months to go full natty.
Now that I’ve got my work situation (relatively) sorted, it’s time to move onto the next hurdle. This week, I’m going to focus on getting a solid exercise routine down pat.
I’m gonna sus out a couple of jims and also get my surf on. I just recently got a scooter with a surf rack and I can hear the ocean calling my name.
Probs gonna give CrossFit a bit of a whirl in combination with surfing. It’s about time I lost my love handles and got a lil bit shredded.
I haven’t been exercising all year and I can feel my body screaming at me.
My wake-up time hasn’t been the most consistent either, so I’m gonna try my best to head to bed a bit earlier and get that consistent morning rhythm down pat.
I haven’t been doing much writing outside of these CL’s, but I’ve got a shit ton of things I want to write about. So once I’ve settled on a coworking place tomorrow, I’m gonna try my best to work that back into my routine as well.
All of this sounds like I’m changing way too much at once, I’ve done similar things in the past and abandoned it all in within a couple of weeks; but this time I’ve got the advantage of a completely new environment, I’m confident that the most important things will stick.
I’ve already changed sooo bloody much over the last couple of weeks, and I’m ready for some more fundamental tweaks.
That’s the foundation of my routine laid out for the next couple of months, all that’s left to do is act on it - I’ll touch base with ya next week.
I did a bit more raytracing stuff this week. I’ve been following this nice tutorial for raytracing in one weekend. I made some decent progress on it…
a ray traced sphere with normals visualised + a background sky
a ray traced sphere with normals visualised + a background sky
…but I couldn’t help but feel my motivation start to run up against a bit of a wall.
In situations like these, I’ve only recently learnt that this is never because I’m a lazy piece of shit and have just gotta “try a little harder BRO, stop being such a pussy and just GRIND THROUGH IT ARGHGHGHG”
There’s always a very real reason underlying it, there’s always a tiny little thread of reason poking out of it.
That’s why I love doing these CL’s so much, I spot those little threads in my life and tug on them until they unravel.
This week, to no real surprise, it was ray tracing itself that unravelled.
I’ve got no obvious use for ray tracing in the long-term, so why on earth am I working on it?
Well, it’s because I’d like to write a shader abstraction, and it’s fun…
But there are other things that are equally as “fun” as ray tracing, ones that push me towards that abstraction while also benefiting me more in the long-term from tech that I can reuse for my dream game.
So let’s take a moment to wave goodbye to ray tracing and say hello to a dear old friend…
Pixel simulation.
I’ll still be working with low-level D3D11 code, with the added benefit of this being something I can compose into my future game.
As a result, motivation is now a lot higher and I’m very excited to continue working on this next week.
To top it off, I’m finally stepping back into Telescope instead of swimming around in my scuffed little sandbox application. I’m keen to port what I’ve already got (just basic rendering of pixels) over to TS.
sand, water, + sky pixels filled randomly
sand, water, + sky pixels filled randomly
I feel like I’ve learnt enough D3D11 (Direct X) to make the leap back into TS and to start writing some code for it.
I guess we’ll see how this all plays out next week.
As always, thanks for reading thru this bad boy. Hope you’re doin well, and I wish ya all the best for the week ahead.
Go grab it by the balls.
- randy
P.S - If you’d like to help keep me goin I’ve now got a page for different ways in which you could do so <3
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