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Randy's Changelog v1.14

Man, has this been a massive week or what.
There’s sooo much to go over that I’m actually not even going to attempt to write about it all because I’d be sitting here for the rest of the day. (I’ll save it for a blog post)
This week has been such a stark contrast to the last 3 months.
The days are passing by farrr more slowly because there’s more reference points and experiences packed into them.
It deadass feels like it’s been 2 weeks since I pulled into Darwin last Sunday, I actually started to get worried that I missed this week’s CL.
Man, where do I even begin?
I fucking love Bali.
Everything about it.
The chaotic free for all driving, the $3 for a full meal (and delivery), the absolute plethora of cafes and coworking spots, the general good vibes - there’s just so much to see and do here, I’m actually baffled.
I’ve been sick over the last few days (just a weird sore throat) ((probs not covid)) so I haven’t kicked my full routine into swing. I haven’t hit up any gyms yet or taken to the surf, but I have been crawling the town to find my working home for the next 2 months.
I’m writing this at a beauuutiful coworking spot - it’s a little on the pricey end so I don’t think I’ll be setting up shop here. I got a free day out of it though, so I’m not complaining.
It’s on a rooftop at the build limit in Bali (256 blocks on the Y level) and it’s got some pretty sick views.
I’ve made a list on Google Maps of other spots I wanna try out this week, so I’m looking forward to that.
My favourite thing in Bali so far has gotta be the motorbike rides.
You can get a lift anywhere on the back of someone’s bike with the local version of the Uber app.
It’s so bloody fun.
Just feeling the wind jet over my aerodynamic bald noggin as my local driver weaves in and out of oncoming traffic at mk1 - it’s something to behold.
(I do rly need to invest in a helmet though, otherwise I won’t be enjoying it for long)
I could talk for hours about all the little details I love about this place, but I’ll save that for another day.
I ain’t here to fuck spiders.
I spent Thursday/Friday getting stuck back into some low-level programming goodness, working outta a couple different cafes.
I’m gonna be building the shader abstraction for Telescope, which’ll let me write high-level custom shaders in the future without breaking out of the top-down, getting shit done, game dev flow.
In order to do that though, I’ve gotta step into the trenches and figure out how the hell 3D graphics programming actually works.
I’ve done some OpenGL in the past and can easily follow a tutorial, but if I’m gonna write an abstraction for the subset of all shader definitions I’m going to need to know the fundamentals inside and out.
The current backend for Telescope’s graphics is using DirectX instead of OpenGL, so I went about writing up my own little sandbox to play around in (outside of Telescope).
My main goal was to get texture data being rendered to the screen, that way I could continue to follow along with Cherno’s ray tracing series in the background.
It took me a lot of sifting through Microsoft’s D3D11 docs to get it working, but I got there in the end.
You can view the sauce for that bad boy over here, it was a great little exercise and I learnt a lot about the overall graphics pipeline.
To create this bad boy, I “followed” (ctrl + c) this awesome minimal d3d11 example, and used this resource for learning more about the overall graphics pipeline.
To get the texture working, I just sifted through Microsoft’s D3D11 programming guide, which was actually somewhat pleasant.
I’m starting to realise that you don’t need fancy hand-holding tutorials to get shit done, just read the docs lol.
All in a day’s work.
(okay, maybe two days)
I then spent yesterday (Sat) rewriting the home page of, and also added in a new support page which is a list of different ways peeps can help to indirectly send some money my way for “free” (affiliates, prime, etc).
My hope is that if I link out to that enough then it should just act as some passive income - a money tree growing slowly over time, building myself back up to a sustainable income.
It still needs a little bit more setup, but that should be good enough for the time being.
I’m just gonna set it, forget it, and go get some work done.
I’ve got no clue what this next week has in store for me, hopefully I can start booting up more of my ideal routine and find myself a good coworking space to settle down in for the next couple of months.
That’s all I’ve got for ya this week though - very hectic, but profoundly exciting.
Thanks for readin, best of luck with the week ahead, homie :)
Cya next Sunday,
- randy
P.S - I’m gonna start plopping this button at the end of these CLs for the new peeps coming in each week, hope ya don’t mind
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