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Randy's Changelog v0.8

Randy's Changelog v0.8
Hope you’ve had an absolutely swell week. Even if ya haven’t, no stress at all homie, this next one’s a clean slate.
I’ve got a lotta work ahead of me today, so imma make this a quickie. Time to make use of this changelog format ;)
+ Don’t have an article for ya this week unfortunately, but I’m in the middle of a draft related to this Tweet:
don't do crack, kids
don't do crack, kids
+ I still don’t have a build for the game I started last week with Timothy, but here’s a lil peak at it:
coming soon to a mobile device near you
coming soon to a mobile device near you
I’ll be starting work on my next project tomorrow, gonna be shooting for a bare bones prototype by the end of this week.
It’s just that old tree chopping idea I was working on a few weeks back, but I’ve scaled down the scope and there’ll be no base building.
Gonna focus solely on that resource collection loop and try make a chill game outta it.
+ I found myself going full circle back to Trello for task management (for this upcoming project)
Turns out my 15-year old self was onto something after all.
You don’t wanna get caught up in tweaking your system endlessly and not get any work done. (*cough*, *cough*, Notion)
Simplicity is key.
the joys of a simple kanban
the joys of a simple kanban
That’s all I’ve got for ya this week. I almost feel like this simple bullet point changelog format is better? Easier to write, and easier for you to digest, lemme know your thoughts?
As always, best of luck with the week ahead!
- randy
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