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Randy's Changelog v0.7

Randy's Changelog v0.7
Hope you’ve had a good week. If you’ve got a sec, lmk how it went, would love to hear from ya.
Mine has been pretty fuccin swell, so let’s hop right to it.
  • I wrote an article about why it doesn’t matter what game engine you use
  • I’ve officially switched over to the new funding model and am practically starting from $0 / month again. Let’s hope I don’t starve!
Speaking of Don’t Starve, that’s a pretty cool game…
It’s been a long time since I played a game just for the sake of it. So I set out to change that this week.
I bought two games, Satisfactory & Inscryption.
I found Satisfactory to be just that, satisfactory (wow I wonder how many game journalists have made that exact same joke).
It’s a game based around automating resource collection on an alien planet.
It just felt a little too grindy and unpolished for my tastes though (to be fair, it is early access lmao).
I get that it being grindy is practically the driving factor for you wanting to automate things. I just don’t think I’m the biggest fan of factory builders.
Inscryption on the other hand…
just tell me this isn't horrifying
just tell me this isn't horrifying
I’ve never played a card game before. While playing The Witcher 3 I furiously ran away from Gwent like it was some kind of disease intruding upon my open world RPG experience.
(fuck I miss The Witcher, if only I had an external GPU to run it…)
However, after someone describing Inscryption as a perfect entry level card game, I figured I’d best give it a crack and at least try to broaden my genres a bit.
The psychological horror aspects are terrifyingly beautiful.
I remember at one point I sat there paralysed in complete shock by a certain action involving some pliers. (if you know you know)
Really looking forward to playing it some more.
I still won’t be picking up Gwent anytime soon though.
This weekend, outta nowhere I just randomly decided to make a quick game with my boy Timothy. I actually had no idea Ludum Dare 50 was on as well, so that’s a bit of a coincidence.
I swear, every time I have a conversation with that dude he just slaps me in the face with my own scope-creep. I end up realising that I’ve turned a 1-week project into a 1-month one.
Every game dev needs a Timothy in their lives.
So to spit down the throat of scope-creep, we set out to make a game in one day. It’s an extremely simple mobile platformer, and it should be finished by this evening.
I’ve mainly been tapping away at the player controller (it feels quite sexy), but I’m looking forward to trying out some polish things like particles once I’ve hit the send button on this letter.
I’ll be off to the UK come end of May, so if you’re a local and have got any must-sees, send em my way!
is great.
I’m just chuggin along day by day, having a good ol time.
I’m in the final week of my writing course at the moment and I’m already starting to ramp up into game dev mode again.
It’s almost time to slap some blinders on this horsie and let it fuccin rip. I’ve got a pretty solid plan in place for the next month.
We’ll chat more bout it next week.
Until then, big love,
- randy
P.S - If you’re enjoying the letters and would like to help keep me going, I’d be eternally grateful if you bought me a coffee. I promise I won’t plug this very often :)
P.S.S - Merlin you’re a fucking champion. And massive thanks to everyone else who’s switched over. Appreciate y'all sm <3
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