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Randy's Changelog v0.11

Changelog v0.11
Ayoooo happy Sunday!
To kick things off, randy’s poddy has made its debut.
The first episode is featuring a low-key underground indie dev named Dani (you probs haven’t heard of him, he’s only got a couple of subscribers).
We talk a lot about the game dev / YouTube dichotomy, our motivations, and life.
You can listen on Spotify, Apple, or this RSS feed.
Man this week has been great, I’m feeling so much better. It’s like a switch has been flipped in my mind and I’m no longer scrambling to get this game done for the sake of a video.
I’m just doing stuff that I want to do - slowly chipping away at this next video, studying the shit outta math, reading amazing books, listening to podcasts.
Life feels a lot easier when you’re not trying to swim upstream.
Speaking of, I’ve given up on reading The Art of Computer Programming for the time being. I got to the first exercise and just gave up after realising my understanding of math is still flawed as shit lmaooo.
Instead, I’ve picked up The Story of a Number, which I got recommended via this lovely resource for self-studying mathematics.
It’s about the origins of ‘e’ and I’m actually really enjoying this bad boy so far, I’ve already churned through about half of it. It sure is succeeding in getting me pumped for learning more math.
I’ve also just finished the pre-algebra course on Brilliant (affiliate link, but it’s the fuccin GOAT and would highly recommend for STEM study) and am working my way through Math Fundamentals now.
Linear Algebra, I’m coming for yo ass.
Oooh that reminds me, I came across this video yesterday. This man deadass just streams himself studying for 12 hours each day, what an absolute inspiration.
Maybe my streams could make a return with a similar vibe, who knows ;)
My goal is to build up some solid foundations when it comes to math over the next couple of months (in parallel with some Telescope game dev stuff), but we’ll talk more about that in a couple weeks once I’ve got this video sorted.
As far as this next video goes, I’m about ½ way through the script and am chugging along quite nicely. It looks like I’m on track for releasing it in a couple of weeks before I leave the country.
Not sure if I’ve brought this up yet but I’ve cancelled the UK trip since that place is expensive as fucccckk and ya boy doesn’t want to burn through his savings in 1 month flat and be out on the streets.
I’m heading to Bali instead, which will give me a lot more leeway since my budget is only around $1100/month over there. I’m currently sitting at around $400/month of sustainable monthly recurring revenue (MRR), so I’ll have the next few months to try get that to the break even point.
Who doesn’t like a good challenge anyway?
By the way, huge shout out to everyone who’s thrown me a coffee over the last month. Ya’ll are fuccin legends and I appreciate ya so much <3
Thanks to you, I’m one step closer to making this new “not giving a fuck about money and just making cool shit for the inherent joy of it” model sustainable.
I’m extremelllyyy excited (and lowkey shitting my pants) for my 1.0 launch as a digital nomad dude. I’ve had enough practice this year so far with random ass Airbnbs, couch surfing, and coffee shop offices - it’s almost time for the real deal.
T-14 days.
That’s about it for this one, I’ve just been taking things slowly this week.
I hope you’re doing well.
I’ll cya in the next one, homie.
- randy
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