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Can you make a game by only working 90 mins each day?

Thanks to everyone who replied to the previous letter, I ended up getting quite a few responses so I’m sorry if I couldn’t get a reply in. It was lovely hearing all of your stories though, and I really appreciate the feedback.
In case you missed it, .
I received a lot of questions, which I’ll be trying my best to answer over the coming weeks (in one way or another).
This one in particular really resonated with me though,
“How do I have graphics/game development as a meaningful hobby, but one that does not dominate the rest of my life. Like, what is a good game you could actually make by yourself in your spare time that people would enjoy and pay for?”
Now while I really don’t mind game dev dominating my life. At the moment I’ve got a few other projects in the pipeline. So that begs the question…
Is it possible to dedicate an hour or two each day to game dev and still ship something of quality?
This first resource coming up is a talk by a guy who released a game, even while working 40 hour weeks at another job and taking care of his family. The second, is an article on a similar topic.
If you’re looking for an answer to that question, I hope you’ll find it in these.
I know I did.
Resources of the Week
“When you work full-time already, your time is at a premium. As such, you need to focus, scope right, relentlessly break work down into bite-sized tasks, and create a rock-solid habit of getting things done.”
Now since 1/3 of you aren’t actually game devs (and because nothing but dev talk would be pretty boring), here’s something I’ve grown very fond of over the last 12 weeks.
WR’s have been an amazing way for me to reset each Sunday and ensure my priorities are in check for the week ahead.
I don’t know where I’d be without them.
(probably drowning in a constant state of overwhelm and panic)
What I’ve been up to
A few weeks ago, that GDC talk from earlier inspired me.
What if I set some boundaries for myself and only work on a game for 90 minutes each day? Just by consistently doing that, what would I accomplish?
I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.
This week, I’ve moved to start work on getting the base building prototyped out. I’ve been jacked up on a base-building high ever since watching this video on Valheim’s base building.
It’s a bit tricky trying to recreate that in 2D, but I do love me a good challenge.
I actually made a start on this ages ago in the early days of UE4 Arcane and managed to do an alright job of it mechanically.
wow what a throwback
It’s really just a matter of recreating that in Unity and closing the loop with tree chopping.
So this week, I’ve been prowling my way through the Unity docs and doing all sorts of sketchy things.
For a while there I got pretty hung up on figuring out how to design the snapping system for when you go to place new structures. I sat there baffled, missing C and fantasizing about how simple this would be if I were back down there.
But I promptly reminded myself that I ain’t here to program well, I’m here to make a game.
So I typed that bad boy out the best I knew how.
~ Changelog v0.02
+ Very basic build menu+ Blueprint structure spawning+ Blueprint snapping & placement
Every now and then I find myself getting glimpses of what the final product will feel like, and a wave of excitement shoots through me.
(that’s a funny juxtaposition with those shitty prototype graphics hehe)
A pressie 4 u
Here’s my current goto podcast at the moment for some braindead content (in a good way)
cause we all need a break every now and then.
Take care,
- randy
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Randy @bigrando420

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