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Randy's Changelog v1.16

Hello gamers,This week's changelog can be found over here as a blog post on my site.Just switching things up a bit to make these CLs more permanent and accessible, lmk what you think.- randy


Randy's Changelog v1.15

Today I'm sitting at my final coworking spot for the week after trying out 5 different places. I've settled on a top 3 and it's gonna be a tricky decision trying to pick one out.


Randy's Changelog v1.14

Man, has this been a massive week or what.There's sooo much to go over that I'm actually not even going to attempt to write about it all because I'd be sitting here for the rest of the day. (I'll save it for a blog post)This week has been such a stark contras…


Randy's Changelog v1.13

A few of you responded with a bit of pushback from last week's CL - "Why give up your YouTube audience, you're just shooting yourself in the foot, can't you just make low effort content?"Every time I encounter a problem in my life, I like to solve it by going…


Randy's Changelog v0.12

G'DAY!Happy Sunda--alright well, it ain't exactlllly Sunday, but I'm late for a good reason :)That reason being the man, the myth, the legend - Ryan Fleury. I've just finished editing this lovely little conversation. If you're into programming and want to hea…


Randy's Changelog v0.11

Ayoooo happy Sunday!To kick things off, randy's poddy has made its debut.The first episode is featuring a low-key underground indie dev named Dani (you probs haven't heard of him, he's only got a couple of subscribers).We talk a lot about the game dev / YouTu…


Randy's Changelog v0.10

Alright.This is a bit of a tough one to write.In the past I'd sit down at my laptop, feel this resistance to writing it, and then promptly overcome it by downing some caffeine, flying through this changelog at mk10.But I don't have the luxury of that this tim…


Randy's Changelog v0.9

G'DAY,Happy Easter Sunday!This week has been quite a biggie, so let's hop right to it.


Randy's Changelog v0.8

G'DAY!Hope you've had an absolutely swell week. Even if ya haven't, no stress at all homie, this next one's a clean slate.I've got a lotta work ahead of me today, so imma make this a quickie. Time to make use of this changelog format ;)


Randy's Changelog v0.7

G'DAY!Hope you've had a good week. If you've got a sec, lmk how it went, would love to hear from ya.Mine has been pretty fuccin swell, so let's hop right to it.


Randy's Changelog v0.6

G'DAY!Happy Sunday fuckers.(from this point onwards I shall dub you all collectively as "the fuckers", because I have no doubt in your fucking capabilities) (it's not a hub link dw)I'm on time, and since the last letter was only 4 days ago, I don't really hav…


Randy's Changelog v5

G'DAY!Hope you've had a great week :)For what's supposed to be a weekly Sunday letter, this sure ain't lookin too Sunday-y.I WILL HIT PUBLISH NEXT WEEK ON SUNDAY. If I don't, I give you all permission to roast me in the replies./resourcesI listened to a great…


Randy's Changelog v4

G'DAY!Bit late on this one, was in the middle of switching over to Revue for these newsletters. I also just finished importing last month's subscribers from the old site, hello new peeps! You can check the backlog over here for some context.Hope you've had a …


Randy's Changelog v3

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Randy's Weekly #1

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