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You Can Toucan

You Can Toucan
By Jane Tyson • Issue #8 • View online
“Hi Jane, it’s Jeremy here, how are you?”
“I’m busy creating a reel Jacobs”
“What a video reel?”
“No an Instagram reel about my wormery”
“Really, I’m doing a lot of gardening too and learning about flowers which are good for the bees!”
By the way, thanks for subscribing, even though I forced you to.
Below are some flowers I spotted today whilst strolling home after my AstraZeneca jab. It was good to slow down and take notice.
If everyone replies with a nice pic and maybe a couple of sentences about it, I’ll create a little video collage for next week.
In the meantime, below are some random headings and bits to read. This week, I’ve also managed to correlate this newsletter with most of my Pinterest boards. This has been quite therapeutic and fun to do. A Creative Nudge for you to have a Spring clean of your boards too?

Storytelling For Gaia
Lucid Dreaming With Gaia by Julia Hayden
Eric The Penguin
Comfort In Community
Self Uncare
Random Dialogues
You Can Toucan
We Are Not Influencers
Learning Space
How I create LinkedIn Carousels
This Week's Adventures With Manny Kay
Nick The Teacher
Random Dhal Days
Please send over your events to share too. Here are a few I’m hosting:
Some-things Weird & Lovely
“Flowers outside our house” wrote Ian We’ve Ian to thank for sharing about too. Watch out for his Friday mingle.
Thought For The Week
And Finally
What would you rather?
And A Bit More Finally
You made it just.
Until next Friday at 6 am
Thank you for your contributions ,keep them coming.
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Jane Tyson

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