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Radical Radish Relaxation #11

Radical Radish Relaxation #11
By Jane Tyson • Issue #11 • View online
Anyone else wake up on a Friday excited to watch Gardeners World? It’s on BBC2 at 9 pm (BST). Alternatively, you might prefer “The World’s Most Scenic Railways” at the same time over on Five. Pop it in your diary, or not. Both are gentle ways to wind down, relax, and end the week. Unless like Simon you have flipped your approach to work.
This month’s Random Dialogues “Stand UP & Speak For Yourself” event was on Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm. Cath was due to join us and talk about “Time Management”. She thought we started at 8.00 pm. Next time.
Laughing aside, most of us are spinning lots of plates. As it’s mental health awareness week, I hereby give you permission to take a breath, pause and say “NO” before the yes spills out into something else that overloads.
Gill Gayk joined us on Wednesday for the first “time” and spoke about the Power Of Positivity. Plus shared a wonderful goal mapping workshop that she is co-hosting with Katrina, who also wrote a great radish poem (see below).
It’s good to have you all here. Welcome to John from Blue Dot Display.

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Thoughts For The Week
Some Radish Poems from Random Dialogues #18
A radish is round and red, it tastes peppery in my head, sometimes I like them on salad and I take them straight out of the vegetable bed! Katrina
I once knew a radish. His name was Ted. . He did nothing but stay in bed. A lot. Can Jane talk him up, now he’s dead? Jason
​Radish or hashish, Hashish is hushish - until the radish makes its voice known. Phil
Radish bit laddish a radical radish, a dish of hot toast and made radish. faddish, radish Ian
There was a teacher called Jane, Who thought radishes were a pain, Now she writes poems to gain fame, About hashish and radish again! EU Too
Radish, Hadish, Wadish, You are a tricky vegetable to write a poem about, It makes me quite madish, And sadish, Some people are quite fadish, about radish Jane
Or a limerick…There was a lady who ate radish, it made her rather reddish. She put on some cream, to make herself gleam. But all it did was make her sadish! John
A Rampant Radish Relaxes the Regions Radical Radishes can’t Reach! EU Too.
The random radish dialogues continue in the group
And Finally
Thanks Ian
Thanks Ian
And A Bit More Finally
Thank you to Ian Moncrieff MacMilan for sending these over
Thank you to Ian Moncrieff MacMilan for sending these over
Until next week
Keep it random and weird
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